Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul


(FEDERALJACK)   Yesterday hundreds of active duty military personal and veterans marched on the white house in support of Ron Paul’s run for president and to show the world that they are tired of war.  These are true heroes and I have to be honest, as a veteran myself I find it hard to describe in words how proud of all of them I felt. It brought a tear to my eye to see all of them standing up for freedom right in the lions den, even after many of them were threatened not to march.  I have posted below videos from the event and at the very bottom I posted a motivational video I made to help inspire people to fight the New World (dis)Order. We will win this, I have never been more sure of it.


Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul

 Veterans & Active Duty Military March for Ron Paul on the White House Chanting “President Paul”

Veterans & Active Duty Military March To The White House Chanting “Ron Paul Revolution”


Veterans for Ron Paul March on The White House

Troops march on White House in support of Ron Paul

Establishment Media Ignores Massive Ron Paul Veterans March

Veterans For Ron Paul, March On The White House 2-20-12

Julie Borowski rousing speech to Veterans

America….. It’s Time To Stand On Your Feet And Fight

2 Responses to Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul

  • unfortunately for these fine gentlemen, they have yet to come to understand that the powers that be care not that they marched there or that they object to the tyranny and the mass murdering globally, now signed off on by barry soetoro to happen via drone flights over U.S. turf now..

    and sadly, until every veteran understands who and what they are dealing with, sociopaths without any consciences, especially C.I.A. groomed barry soetoro himself, that the scum and villainy in power would just as soon mow them down with the roof mounted gattling guns the sword swallowers who guard this asshole, have in their arsenal there in d.c. (district of corruption)

    until TENS OF MILLIONS show up with firebrands and pitchforks and surround that toilet, nothing will be accomplished. in the end these assholes will only enrich lawyers and the JUST US system with the money they scam off of these sadly misguided into thinking this works, group who do these noble yet unfortunately ineffective acts that get virtually no mainstream media attention or any public scrutiny.

    that’s the truth. soetoro and his handlers don’t give a shit. and the american asshole sheeple do not give a shit either. not yet.

    till they lose it all, they won’t ever give a shit. but then it will be too fucking late.

  • "It brought a tear to my eye"
    I am not a vet, and have never had marching troops ‘bring a tear to my eye’ – but watching this March for Ron Paul did exactly that, not once, but every time I watched any of the videos.
    This is History in the making – there have been peace marches, but Never one by active and retired military – and Never one dedicated to a political candidate! Think about it. Too bad the corporate media missed coverage of this historic event.
    Thank you to All who participated – we support you.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!!

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