Massive Cyberwave about to Infect the Internet

(FEDERALJACK)   CHICAGO, IL | Although it is still in BETA test phase, and has not officially been announced to the public because many features are still being tested for stability, this is your chance to be one of the first to preview it.

The new website found at functions as a Social Network, and permits you to use your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Google login and password to enter the site. Using a unique application the user’s credentials are checked against the credentials stored at the chosen method of login.

Gary Franchi and team are in the process of creating video tutorials on the powerful features the site offers. One such feature allows you to command your entire “Social Universe” by broadcasting your “status update” to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Linkedin.

Franchi says, “I’m confident once you realize the potential of this application you will make your one stop on the web for all your social networking needs.”

With this powerful new tool at your fingertips you have access to the entire 23,000+ online members of Restore the Republic and the ability to communicate across all of your connected social networks with the click of just a few buttons.

Franchi says, “We have always prided ourselves of being on the cutting edge of internet technology and want to be sure you, and your work, benefit from our knowledge of these online applications.”

Another amazing integration that Franchi and team implemented is the merging of all “Social Walls.” He explains, “After logging in, you use the application at, select the accounts you want to connect, then add them to your “My Social” tab on the user’s home page, now you can view your Facebook and twitter feed in one place, alongside the flurry of info the RTR members are posting.”

Unlike Facebook who changes their privacy settings every few months to expose members private details, has strict settings in place to ensure your privacy at the onset of joining so your details are not made available to the public without your consent.

Keeping security in mind, Franchi has employed one of the nations leading “Ethical Hackers” to lock down the site from outside intruders.

Franchi continues, “I am sure once you use the site you will agree this tool will soon catapult all of our efforts even further into the American consciousness raising the specter of public awareness for our plight to restore our beloved republic.”

Take a moment, visit:, create an account (or log in with your existing Facebook account credentials), and browse the features they offer. If you feel this site is to your standards, please invite your friends from Facebook using the site’s Facebook Invite feature at

Concluding the interview Franchi closed, “We have a mission, and it is to infect the internet with the message of freedom and liberty, and is now the premier hub for you to do just that.”

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