Martin Luther King Jr. – The Power of Non-violence

(POPEYE) As an astute observer of history I can’t help but recognize that there is a pattern playing out again before our very eyes that we have seen before. A series of events that seam to be pushing the country ever further apart. This pattern is one of division and control. As I have said many times on my radio broadcast, the most effective way to bring this country down is to rip it apart from the inside. To have it tear itself apart piece by piece via the citizens themselves. Exactly like the image we ( use on the back of our T-shirts and business cards. The shadowy Uncle Sam figure that holds two puppets, one republican, the other a democrat. Underneath it is written the phrase: I WANT YOU, to disagree and fight amongst each other while I retain complete control.

This image perfectly symbolizes the very situation we see going on right now before our eyes. The method of control that is deployed against us en masse. I have been saying for the past few years now, that since the riots in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014 the mindset of the general public has been changed. The narrative went from the encroaching police state; police brutality; militarized police forces; and the prospect of open martial law, to a much more base level strawman argument of bullshit racial divide.

People were just starting to think outside the box. To think in a more open manner. To see things from a different perspective. To realize how connected we all truly are. Well the powers that shouldn’t be couldn’t have that. Society is not easily controlled en mass if everyone isn’t afraid. Fear is their favorite tool and most powerful weapon. It is used far and wide against us. We are constantly bathed in the fear frequency 24/7. Our modern society is a constant drip of fear into our veins like an IV. The media via their “news” channels pump out fear on a steady drumbeat like cadence. But with the advent of social media the fear IV went from a daily drip, to a steady hourly, almost minute by minute, drip right into our veins. At this point people are literally afraid of everything and everyone. That ladies and gentlemen is not by accident.

It is that very fear frequency that fuels the divide in this country. Whether it be racial fear; political fear; survival fear; or the most basic fear, the fear of each other (which serves to only isolate each of us from the other completely and feel alone). Remember, humans are easier to control when we are in the fear frequency (protection) vs. when we are in the love frequency (growth). For further study on fear vs. love I refer you to research the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.

That fear is the driving force behind all of these clashes between groups that are suddenly becoming a dangerous problem. A problem that the system conveniently just happens to have a solution for, all they need is the reaction from the masses to call for them to do something about it in order to justify their actions which were the real agenda all along. Problem, reaction, solution. Ordo Ab Chao, or Order Out of Chaos.

The truth is in your face to see plain as day. You just currently need to have your Hoffman sunglasses from THEY LIVE on to see it.

Through the use of groups like Antifa; BAMN; BLM; The Neo-Nazis (which are overrun with feds); and other groups of useful idiots, no matter which “side” they pretend to be on, the powers that shouldn’t be have succeeded in creating an emotional based reaction from both sides of this logical fallacy filled argument. You are all doing exactly what the powers that shouldn’t be want. Open your eyes and see the forest through the trees.

If they wanted to bring about real change, in a positive manner, then these groups would have studied and employed the tactics of people like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Two individuals who understood the real true power of non-violence when seeking to bring about real positive change.

It is for this reason I have taken part of an interview Martin Luther King Jr. did as well as parts from two speeches he gave and put them together so you can all hear from Reverend King himself about the power of non-violence in activism. His words echo through time from the 1960s straight through to today. We would all be wise to pay heed to what Reverend King had to say.












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