Mark Passio: The Dark Occult, Satanism & More

(FEDERALJACK)   In this special broadcast Popeye and Mark Passio go deep down the rabbit hole to expose Satanism, the Dark Occult and how it connects to the Secret Societies that run our world today.




8 Responses to Mark Passio: The Dark Occult, Satanism & More

  • George W. Bush would have something to say here. Tell us about Brownsville, 1968 there George w. Bush. Just where WERE you that weekend? you do not have an alibi for them or for the 48 hours surrounding the death of JFK, Jr. Your own staff would not lie for you to provide your alibi.

  • Listened to what I thought was about the occult, ended up beind anti military, numberlogy, truther crap. Watch this on the occult

  • That’s your opinion. It’s wrong, but you are entitled to it. We explained the way things are. I suggest you accept the reality of things. I know the truth is hard to accept.

  • Every since the Bible was written, it was well known that Satan is the god of this system of things. 2 Corinthians 4:4. Satans followers are without spiritual light. I do however feel sorry for these people. We were created to have the need to worship the true God. When this need goes unfulfilled, we tend to suffer mental disturbances. The worship that rightly belongs to God, can and will be replaced with bad things such as the worship of money, sex, sports etc etc. The truth is, God is not far from any one of us. Do not be afraid of the devil or his demons. If you pray to the true God with a sincere heart, he will answer your prayer. He will protect you. In the present system of things, time and unseen occurences befall all of us. We may die of illnes, old age or accidents but God’s promise of a ressurection to a paradise earth without the influence of Satan and his demons takes away our fear of death. If you are trapped under the yoke of wickedness, ask God for courage and he will lead you in the right direction. The question is. will you recognize the help that he sends? If He has to send someone to your door, will you listen?

  • Good show,

    I would like to point out.. that Christianity, in it’s present form is also a “mind control’ Cult.

    Just because Mark is talking about Satanism doesn’t mean most of the Sects of Christianity are right…

    The things Mark is talking about transcend ALL dogmatic religion. So do not merely think that Christianity is somehow the “solution” to Satanism.

    Consciousness evolution is a deeper concept. Many Christians do NOT follow Natural Law principals. They are deep into Mind Control.

    You can talk generally about “Christ consciousness” but if you belong to a church… be careful….

  • And a couple of other concepts to understand…

    OCCULT merely means HIDDEN.

    and the Apocalypse is a Greek work meaning “lifting of the veil of things that have been hidden from mankind”.

    Occulted practices are not necessarily evil. Many are very useful tools and skills and practices to understand and learn. It is because they have been “occult-ed” or hidden away from humanity and perverted to be used against humanity is why we are in the state of affairs we are in.

    It is up to us to step forward and be fully conscious and sovereign beings.

  • I was struck that the questionnaire was similar to what you fill out when you join Scientology.

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