Marco Rubio “We Have To Make A Few Changes To Trigger A New American Century”

Marco Rubio “We Have To Make A Few Changes To Trigger A New American Century”

(POPEYE)   After speaking at CPAC and Google about the very same idea, Senator Marco Rubio appeared on The Kudlow Report pushing for a “New American Century.” He is pushing certain policy, and law changes in order to help herald in this idea. During the interview Rubio vaguely speaks about changing the corporate tax code; A “regulatory budget”; Immigration reform that “allows us to bring in a work force”; Free trade agreements; The Keystone pipeline, and opening up more fracking sites in the country. After hearing his speech at CPAC, and seeing the video below one has to wonder if PNAC is back to writing policy papers for our “elected” officials to push as government policy.

Just in case the name PNAC, also known as The Project for a New American Century, doesn’t sound familiar to you allow me to introduce you to them. PNAC is a think-tank whose members include many of the core policy advisors for the Bush Administration. PNAC  has become notorious for articulating the need for a “new Pearl Harbor” in its 2000 policy paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses.

  In the document, they cite a potential problem with their plan. Referring to the goals of transforming U.S. and global power structure, the paper states that because of the American Public’s slant toward ideas of democracy and freedom:

“This process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.”

  PNAC members and signators to its policy documents include: Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld; Paul Wofowitz; Jeb Bush; Richard Perle; John Bolton; Scooter Libby; Elliot Abrams; Richard Armitage; William Bennet; William Kristol; and Zalmy Khalilzad. All men with their hands deep in the private defense, oil, and multinational corporate industries poised to make vast sums of money, and secure huge tracts of power / influence if this PNAC policy evolved into U.S. Government policy.

  Nine months after they rose to power, and assumed central positions of leadership all over the spectrum of military, civilian, domestic, and international agencies, they got their “New Pearl Harbor” in the form of September 11th 2001. PNAC policy evolved into the Bush Administration’s official agenda, and the rest is history.

  It looks like they, the powers that shouldn’t be, have their new generations of faux “conservative” sell outs in public office to push their agendas with a different face. Unfortunately until people wake up and realize that no government or politician can solve their problems, only they can, they will still fall prey to politicians pandering to either side of the left / right lie.










5 Responses to Marco Rubio “We Have To Make A Few Changes To Trigger A New American Century”

  • This coming from a bilderberg attendee. He would promote pinac, agenda 21 and georgia guidestone rules.

  • Pimping for the Zio-hag Victoria Nuland(Kagan) and her husband Robert (PNAC) Kagan.

    They keep up their Tony Soprano foreign policy B.S. and they’ll “trigger a new american century” all right.
    A century of nuclear winter. It’s as if the world has forgotten about MAD.

    Here in the USA, students, both high school and college and the rest of the voters are so brain washed conditioned that USA is #1 invincible, most of them have never even heard of MAD. (look it up)i

  • Israel is a criminal terrorist organization masquerading as a legitimate country (on stolen land).

    So how does Israel control hundreds of politicians – like this chump? Why have Israeli citizens been installed at the top levels of the Pentagon, White House, DHS, FBI, etc?? (Israeli dual-citizens wrote PNAC under protection from Cheney/Rumsfeld).

    The answer is simple enough: Israel flies the politicians on 2-week junkets every year to Israel. The whole resort is wired with thousands of hidden cameras. Hundreds of prostitutes(gay and straight), who work for Israel, are everywhere flirting with the politicians. Viagras, laced with drugs, are popped like tic-tacs.

    It all turns into a filthy mix of every sick sexual perversion known to man, all caught on hidden cameras. Depraved sex acts with young minors, bestiality, S&M, golden showers, you name it-they do it. Of course it’s all recorded, and everyone is blackmailed. They perverts all become Isreal’s bitches.

    Vice and blackmail is the short answer to how Israel took over the USA. If Israel wants more 9-11’s it will get them on a silver platter. There are hundreds of Marco Rubios working for Israel.

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