FLASHBACK: Man Protests Treatment By Challenging Cop To MMA Fight

(KTVI-KPLR)   Rich Stephens was an offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders in the 90’s but he’s going on the offensive now against a Byrnes Mill police department. He claims officer Tim Walker mistreated him during a traffic stop so he took out a full page ad in a paper challenging him to a fight. He would plan to sell tickets and donate proceeds to Backstoppers.

He is also driving around his pickup truck with a giant sandwich board sign on both sides asking what’s short, fat and round all over. The next line says a Byrnes Mill cop.

“Everywhere I drive this truck people honk their horns give me thumbs up. It’s been overwhelming,” said Stephens.

His idea of a joke is no laughing matter to the Byrnes Mill police department.

“My opinion is it’s borderline harassment and making a threat against a law enforcement officer,” said Chief Ed Locke, Byrnes Mill police.

Stephens says he would do the Mixed Martial Arts fight by the books, on a fight card, and sell tickets.

“I’m taking all the money donating it to Backstoppers,” said Stephens. “I just want his head on my hand.”

Stephens decided to not to file a formal complaint saying he expects more results his way.

The police chief says formal complaints are investigated and feels poking fun of the police goes too far.

“If every officer that pulled someone over and they weren’t happy, if they were challenged to a fighting match certainly those officers would all be suspended or lose their job,” said Locke.

The police department says Stephens never filed a formal complaint so they’re not talking either.



6 Responses to FLASHBACK: Man Protests Treatment By Challenging Cop To MMA Fight

  • "“If every officer that pulled someone over and they weren’t happy, if they were challenged to a fighting match certainly those officers would all be suspended or lose their job,” said Locke."

    Police don’t challenge the public …. they simply assault and batter them ….. followed by false police reports and false charges. Our cops today simply suck.

  • this is really funny ,this ALPHA male,and probley the only one the women in that town have not nuttered,thinks a bunch of fat fagots or their pussie ass boss would fight him,hahahaha….I got news for him this is nation wide,I’ve never met a cop in my life that wasn’t guilty of treason,WE need more ALPHA males in this country!!!AND no killing women and children in another country don’t make you an ALPHA male……

  • Ok, I IMMEDIATELY LOVE this Rich Stephens guy. Finally someone stands up to those pussy Constitution hating pig mother fuckers. lol. Guess Mr. "officer" ain’t so tough without a gun…. mono E mono asshole!!!

    I can’t say enough good about Stephens. If our police behaved better- THEN THE COMMENTS WOULDN’T STACK UP AGAINST THEM LIKE THIS. Kick that cops mother fuckin ass! Stephens has every right to express his feelings of the department, and every right to challenge another man into the ring.

  • Remember, these are the same psychotic, power-tripping, communist thugs who went all the way to the US Supreme Court to justify tasering a pregnant woman and recently beat a homeless man to death–and these are only incidents we know about. Someday soon these "law enforcement" goons will be held accountable for their barbarous behavior because they have now become a bigger threat to our freedom and safety than common criminals. These strutting little doughnut-eating twits in silly blue costumes are nothing but despicable maggots and cowards who wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real man-to man fight with some guy like this without their badges, tasers, high-capacity autoloaders and Big Brother’s big badass authority behind them, unless they are an ex-Navy SEAL, or something. No, "Officer" Walker is a pathetic waste of sperm, and would never accept Mr. Stephens’ challenge. Or this whole thing was just a staged event to see how people like us would respond.

  • I was a Deputy Sheriff In Florida for ten years. In a department of about 40 there was only one deputy that i know for a fact i could trust my back with. I was terminated for bullshit because a lifer kiss ass deputy sought to climb the ladder. Nothing more than FAT, BACK, STABBING GIRLY DUDES. The department had no pre-hiring agility testing. Sad too see alot of other decent cops lose there jobs over shit-maggots such as these. Not all cops are bad, just the lazy, fat, hogs! I applaud you Rich, the same offer to those fellow cops who thought they were big shit were told by me, anytime you feel you want to swing at me, take your best shot, i aint here to play games with you, i have a job to do, and the public is my employer, maybe that is why they got rid of me, cowards the lot!

  • Tht’as the best answer of all time! JMHO

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