Mall security guard accuses shopper of being a paedophile for photographing his own son


(Cory Doctorow)   According to his blog, Kevin visited the Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland with his son to spend the £10 his father gave the boy on a family visit. While there, he seated his son on a coin-operated train ride and snapped a photo of him with his cameraphone. At this point, a Bridges security guard came by and ordered him to stop taking pictures. He said that it was mall policy, and implied that Kevin was taking pictures because he was a paedophile. Kevin told him that this was ridiculous and took his son to find his wife and get out of the mall. He also took a picture of the security guard “so that if I later wanted to make a complaint to the centre I would be able to identify him.”

Outside of the mall, Kevin was stopped by a police constable who had received a complaint from mall security that a suspicious potential paedophile had been taking pictures on its premises. The PC threatened to arrest Kevin “for creating a public disturbance” and ordered him to delete the photo of his son. The PC also averred that the Bridges Shopping Centre is a hotbed of paedophile assaults.

For the record: It’s not clear to me how a fully clothed child on a mall coin-op ride is harmed by having his likeness captured by a camera, even if that camera is in the possession of a paedophile. And I’m pretty sure that taking pictures of your kids having fun on rides isn’t a warning sign of paedophilia (I’m in big trouble if it is!).

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  • I saw this yesterday elsewhere but upon seeing it today my blood pressure reached critical mass. There are times when outright ignorance defies civil language. Therefore I cannot print my exact feelings on this event. As to the hot bed of pedophile activity in this mall. It seems only reasonable to assume that it is generated by the mall’s propensity of self generation of the act.

  • Wow, I read this and think of one thing. What about the Security Cameras the Mall has all around the mall “looking for shop lifters” Wouldn’t those at one time or another record children. Now whats to say that the people watching those Cameras are not potential pedophiles. I respect that people are worried for child’s safe, But when a parent wants to take a picture to cherish the moment forever, and hell maybe show they’re future wife or husband how cute they where. Its a bit over the line.

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