Mae Brussell: Voting Machine Fraud (05-30-1980)

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  • Mae Brussell’s mention of the Robert Vesco connections and the regime of the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, is very interesting in the light of a personal experience of mine. I visited Costa Rica in 1985. A Costa Rican friend of mine took me on several tours. On one tour, he showed me the house of Robert Vesco. He then pointed out the house right next-door. He said that the next door neighbor of Robert Vesco was the "Right Hand Man" of the Shah of Iran. I find this curious in the context of these other connections that May Brussell mentions. At the time of my tour, the house of said "Right Hand Man" of the Shah of Iran was guarded by at least two outside (outdoors) guards armed with AK-47s who even had their own little guard shack. They were apparently Iranians and not Costa Ricans. I believe that I heard them yelling in Farsi (Persian).

    In addition to the above facts, I also learned that the nephew of the "Right Hand Man" of the Shah of Iran had been kidnapped the previous year. When the Guardia Civil, the national military-style police (they wear combat fatigues and carry submachine-guns), tried to rescue him, they "botched" the rescue and killed the nephew of the "Right Hand Man" of the Shah of Iran.

    Shortly after I left, the daughter of a prominent national Mexican legislator was kidnapped in Mexico and taken to San José, Costa Rica by a Mexican drug smuggling cartel. They were located in San José, Costa Rica by the Guardia Civil and the rescue was successful that time. The wire services carried a story of a shootout and gunbattle in the streets of San José, Costa Rica.

    The connections that Mae Brussell mentions between American vote fraud and Venezeula based mafia is also interesting. In 1985 there was a "Pizzeria Connection" narcotics smuggling crime ring that was busted in operations throughout the United States. It was connected to the mafia in Caracas, Venezuela. Look it up. It was even discussed on a cable TV documentary on the mafia.

    These seem to be curious connections and they are facts verifiable by a little minor research.

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