Los Angeles Pushes Mandatory Biometric Identification On Students to Condition Children

Installing mandatory biometric stations in schools serves only to prepare students for a lifetime of living on the control grid. Photo: John Lee.

(INFOWARS)   The Los Angeles Unified School District is attempting to push mandatory fingerprinting on students. In order to receive their lunches, students will be required to submit to the compulsory biometric identification system put in place by the district. This comes only a few short months after it was revealed that a city in mexico was being equipped with expensive biometric systems, such as iris scanners and thumb scanners. The program is currently in the test phase. Superintendent Ramon Cortines claims that it can create jobs, make schools safer, and help students who are struggling economically from feeling embarrassed when using their free lunch tickets.

Falsely making it an issue of equality

Instead of debating as to whether or not the mandatory fingerprinting is intrusive and Orwellian, the debate will be over whether or not mandatory fingerprinting will help establish equality in schools. Superintendent Ramon Cortines has already made the claim that fingerprinting the children will help less fortunate students. He claims that students who cannot afford lunch, and therefore have to use a special ticket, will no longer have to do so. This will apparently prevent them from feeling “embarrassed” when in line for their lunch.

The issue is not about equality. Installing mandatory biometric stations in schools serves only to prepare them for a lifetime of living on the control grid. To prepare young children for frequent unlawful searches and seizures will soften them up to these injustices in their adulthood. The only equality here is the assurance that all of the students will be equally violated of their rights.

Is it really about convenience?

Whenever expansive tracking systems are being put into place, it is always pushed under the guise of being  extremely convenient. Cashless monetary transactions are pushed as convenient due to the absence of physical cash. The Mexican “safe” city would utilize iris scanners to record one’s assets, and immediately identify them through the scan. This holds true with fingerprinting students as well. Students will no longer have to bring cash to pay for their lunches, which apparently makes up for the severity of the issue according to some political frauds.

The truth of the matter is that “convenience” is becoming the death of privacy. Faster purchasing methods are always available to those willing to submit their personal information, and sometimes much more. This is not limited to purchases, however. In order to avoid submitting vital personal information, it is oftentimes necessary to go through tedious processes that are very time consuming. An example of this is when it was required to scan your thumb in order to receive a license in Texas. You could either scan your thumb, choose to not receive a license, or attempt to fight it in court.

Going beyond propaganda

In order to shatter the propaganda surrounding biometric profiling of United States citizens, it is important to bring the real issues to light. If citizens ignore the fingerprinting in Los Angeles schools, then it will soon be coming to their own neighborhood schools. It is certainly not an isolated issue. The chief business developer of Mexico’s “safe” city even admitted that in the future is filled with mandatory biometric scanning.

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“In the future, whether it’s entering your home, opening your car, entering your workspace, getting a pharmacy prescription refilled, or having your medical records pulled up, everything will come off that unique key that is your iris,” he said during an interview.

The only way to stop the conditioning of children from spreading nationally, or even internationally, is to stop it in LA. It is important that parents and citizens worldwide take a stand against that blatant intrusion of privacy. Since when did you have to prove your innocence?

Anthony Gucciardi edits the Shatter Limits blog.


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