Long Islanders Rail Against NY Safe Act Legislators

April 8, 2013 by  
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(TruthSquadTV)   Grassroots group, Save Long Island, hosted a town hall meeting inviting 31 legislators to discuss their votes for the NY Safe Act, which restricted gun ownership in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. No legislators showed up to the meeting.



One Response to “Long Islanders Rail Against NY Safe Act Legislators”
  1. SPARKY says:

    Fucking cowards….which leads me to believe there is truth in the following axiom… DEMOCRAT LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE = TYRANT / COWARD… (Losers against decent people)

    To test the above axiom, plug in the name COUMO and see how perfectly it fits…But then almost any political democrat fits the bill… Just think about who destroyed our economy…Sen. Dodd & Barney Frank…

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