LIBYA Pass The Buck: Gaddafi Supporters Blamed For US Attack, Not Salafi Extremist Militias

One Response to LIBYA Pass The Buck: Gaddafi Supporters Blamed For US Attack, Not Salafi Extremist Militias

  • Actually, Popeye, the video reveals a lot, and quite honestly, I originally thought that the possible perpetrators of the attack on Ambassador Stevens’ safehouse were Gaddafi loyalists. Sorry, buddy, but as I began to get more data on the situation it actually seem more logical that Gaddafi loyalist would use guerrilla tactics against the elements and current regime to try and regain their country. What the video reveals to me was that there were a lot of rats crawling around Gaddafi’s seat of power and when they got the chance they betrayed him or aligned themselves with the Western interest to save their own necks. Case in point, the gentleman in the above video. Gaddafi sons and Gaddafi made the fatal mistake of reconciliation and brought his enemies who deceptively became friends to their doorsteps. A fine example of this is Sir Mark Allan a former Mi6 member and a high ranking employee of BP Oil who was instrumental of bringing Gaddafi into the folds and good graces of his former Western adversaries. History is riddle with British befriending former enemies to gain intelligence and at the right time twist the dagger in their backs. I don’t mean to rant. More likely it was the Salafists who were coordinated with some form of intelligence apparatus. Yet I will say that the accusations of Gaddafi loyalist murdering Ambassador Stevens will provide the smoke screen for NTC and perhaps some Western powers to consulate the new Libyan situation and eliminate some personages out of the game.

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