Liberals on Twitter call for death of actor James Woods, Tea Party

(EXAMINER)   After saying he would put his country first, despite the impact to his career, actor James Woods received the usual hate from liberals on TwitterTwitchy reported Thursday, some of whom also expressed a desire to see him and members of the Tea Party dead.

“[G]o away and die old man,” one person tweeted.

Twitchy said Woods has been “brutally honest” in criticizing President Obama and his supporters.

“Every decision this administration makes inures to its voter base with total disregard to the welfare of the nation as a whole,” he tweeted in September.

According to the UK Guardian, the actor said Hollywood would turn its back on him after a stream of anti-Obama tweets.

“I don’t expect to work again,” he said. “I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”

He also called Obama “a true abomination” after the administration allowed illegal immigrants to rally for amnesty while locking veterans out of their memorials.

A number of people agreed with Woods, but liberals were more than just upset, and made their feelings known with the usual litany of hateful, profanity-laced messages.

He also took one person to task for suggesting members of the Tea Party be given Arizona and Utah before killing them.

“Why can’t we simply allow these Tea Party a**holes to secede? Let them have say, Arizona and Utah, and then surround and kill them all,” tweeted “FugitivePoet.”

“Are you threatening to kill people in this day and age on a social media site. A lot of us take this seriously,” Woods tweeted in response.

But as we have reported dozens of times, this kind of bloodthirsty, genocidal hate on Twitter is not new. During the 2012 campaign, for examples, liberals on Twitter routinely called for the death of various Republicans, including GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

After the Newtown school shootings, liberals used the site to demand NRA members and those who support gun rights be murdered.

One of those who engaged in eliminationist rhetoric was John Cobarruvias, a member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee, who echoed his desire on Facebook. He later deleted the messages and claimed his statements were not death threats.

On just about any given day, liberals — from President Obama on down — prove theirs is an ideology based largely on hate and rage.

Liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy once said he wished an “angel of the Lord” would murder everyone in the Tea Party by decapitating them, and gay sex columnist Dan Savage once told Bill Maher he wished all Republicans were “f*****g dead.”

Calls for violence against conservatives have not been limited to users of Twitter. University professors and some in the media have engaged in uncivil rhetoric, calling for violence to be used against the Tea Partyand members of the NRA. Hollywood celebrities like Cher have also called for the untimely demise of those with whom they disagree.

As a result of the violent rhetoric from the left, Obama supporters threatened to murder conservative protesters at an Overpasses to Impeach Obama event, and one man shot a guard at the Family Research Council offices in Washington, D.C. last year. Given the level of hate on the left, it is only a matter of time before someone is actually murdered for having conservative beliefs.

Woods said that not taking people like “FugitivePoet” seriously was “dangerous.”

“When he shows up at a rally and starts shooting, remember silence today,” he tweeted, observing the Twitter user made a direct threat against the Tea Party.

“Please let me hear from a SINGLE liberal who finds this anti Tea Party poster’s death threats appalling,” he pleaded in another tweet.

One person stepped up to Woods’ challenge.

“[R]egardless of your political stance, it is NEVER ok to wish death on anyone – and I am very much a liberal,” one person said.

Woods graciously accepted the response, but the violent rhetoric and calls for death will not stop until it stops at the top — and that means President Obama and his lieutenants need to stop using their overheated hyper-partisan rhetoric calling conservatives “hostage takers,” “extremists,” or accusing them of terrorism.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that will happen anytime soon.


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