Let’s set the record straight about Amsterdam

Most people know that the Fox channel isnt the most objective news source on American TV.  But in a pretty recent broadcast Amsterdam is so falsely portrayed as a city of crime, drugs and anarchy, that I had to show the facts.


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  • Your kidding right?

    They stopped reporting stats years ago. Drugs have never been legal in the netherlands, they are just decrimnalized, huge diffirence in meanings there. They have a very low prision rate for a reason, they have a very agressive reeducation program. Think 1984 type. You can go to the highest crime rate citys on the planet and still find scenes like those in the video.

    Now I am 100% legalizing all drugs, I am 100% aganst socializeing drugs. No one should have to pay for another persons bad choices. That is what wrong with the netherlands drug policy, it has penilized the people.

  • Have you ever been there??? I know I have and you couldn’t be more wrong. They have a low prison rate because they tax 33% of income but give the citizens incredible healthcare. Plus they have diff programs for drug addicts and the homeless. The Netherlands is a very free and open country, as of late just like our country the new world order is taking over and have recently criminalized mushrooms. If you are going to talk shit about a country I suggest you visit it in person first.

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