Len Horowitz – Pandemic Charges Filed With FBI In NYC


The substance of the message below on a false flag  h1n1 flu pandemic has been widely discussed on the net for months, but the message indicates the first serious US legal action I have seen on it.  I have with the help of many been tracking this issue as it affects states and localities, anticipating the need to file injunction lawsuits v. any government taking steps to compel vaccination.  It is presumed by Dr. Horowitz and others that government will attempt to compel vaccination  v. h1n1, which is not possible under current law, especially US Constitution and state constitution law for many First Amendment and related privacy and civil rights reasons.  I offer the message as a warning
as to how serious the talks, research and some of the proposed h1n1 policy state laws under consideration opposing civil rights, especially in ME, MA and OK, have become.
Having read of lawsuits filed against h1n1 in Europe for reasons indicated in the below article, I am convinced that there is considerable reason not to take any new so called h1n1 vaccine, and to prepare for simlilar suits in the US, which I am prepared to do.
To lawyers receiving this message, I welcome your comments on how to prepare clients and friends to defend against unconstitutional h1n1 legislation and acts, and any common effort we might begin in the US.

Harold Burbank
2008 CT Green Party candidate, US House
Release: No. H1N1-15
Date Mailed: Sept. 15, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Rob Potter–(959) 715-1520 or 310-877-5002

LOS ANGELES, CA — Drug-industry investigators have uncovered documents exposing an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind the pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions.
“David Rockefeller’s trust, that engages several powerful partners on Wall Street, including media moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global genocide,” Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.
“This ‘partnership’ controls biotechnology research and development globally. Health commerce internationally is also controlled virtually entirely by this trust that also exercises near complete control over mainstream media to promote/propagandize its products and services for the drug cartel’s organized crime. This trust, in essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing markets, primarily through the mass media companies and propaganda it wields for social engineering and market building,” Dr. Horowitz wrote.
Among the revelations from the Horowitz-Kane research are those linking Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, Inc., and the 9-11 terrorist attacks, to the drug cartel’s geopolitical, economic, and population reduction activities. Mr. Silverstein, leaser of the World Trade Center who authorized to have Building-7 “pulled” [detonated] is a chief suspect in the “9-11 truth” investigation. Silverstein is currently landlord and co-partner in the biotechnology trust founded by David Rockefeller and implicated by these new discoveries.
Given the unprecedented nature and urgency of these findings, Dr. Horowitz has posted his affidavit for public review on FLUscam.com, hoping wide spread dissemination will prompt governments worldwide to cease mass vaccination preparations to avoid becoming accessories.
“The last time I contacted the FBI I warned them about the impending anthrax attacks one week before the first mailings were announced in the press,” Dr. Horowitz recalled. “It took them 6 months to respond. When they did, they made me a suspect in the mailings. This time I am warning the Justice Department a month before the deadliest genocide in history. I’m praying they’ll take kindly to my appeal for a PNYC investigation, and Court-ordered injunction, to stop the vaccinations for public protection.”

Attorney Harold H. Burbank, II
84 N. Mountain Rd.
Canton, CT  06019
email <mailto:haroldburbank@comcast.net>haroldburbank@comcast.net

13 Responses to Len Horowitz – Pandemic Charges Filed With FBI In NYC

  • Read Revelations chapter 13 in the Bible people, this is the NWO it’s talking about in the first couple of verses. We are in big trouble people. Get your spritual house in order, God is coming for his people soon!

  • I have written to Anders Fogh Rasmussen about what forecourt in Aarhus for øjblikket.
    A leader from one school said the words – you have reported out of solidarity-which means they are staying together chasing the other and their children and me,I think it is a big problem.
    Those we do not like the problem we smash them completely out of money and use their skills so they can get an overdose of pills (big problem)

    Lawyers for the families who cooperate has already served well on me and got information they can use to their advantage while they smash my life.

    Not only that they had given me the worst mental illness and dogtor Ole Lassen, who writes using her like last time.

    It all comes from a mopningssag from my workplace Center West chasing my kids now, they’ve got my x-husband and I ødlagt There are still two left.

    Ole Lassen doctor have the same people I am up against in he practice what to do when society has plasert a man so that those who have something to say has made the city so I was captured and them while I was Smashed and no Get Help.

    I will not take their blame-I dislike people who hang actor and another man out of something they have done and then to keep together to smash the person because she knows too much and a lot more ind those she worked with around children without much training.

  • Mopningen went on;
    Powder sent to the door, I had bad several weeks.
    Since it was also that it came on TV around the powder one should be careful as I had received some weeks before.
    I came in chlorinated water that day with my kids we went to the swimming 1 hours per week chlorinated water.

    Some boys 5 udlanske and 2 Danish boys threw vandbumper-stone-fire on the roof I was once a good friend Allan Ringkøbing Jensen who helped me with the boys get thrown away,the Risset car and a mother who was being driven down by a man she get ind to me.
    One of the seven boys cried my aunt- Unkel get your house.

    Burglary twice the one time I came home to my wires clipped to installation of TV-Radio-Music.
    There was my husband hospitalized.
    And within all this there was a mother who was angry, I said no to their number two child had had their girl from ½ years to 5 years where she came in Kindergarten but when I had the red card by kolegaerne they will not find themselves in the parents chose me,-they made a television broadcast which took a whole day and they had Magnify me up in the broadcast so I was really ugly.
    Words from mother who was sjonalist was-it was made so that all people only see how ugly you were.

    a lady went from kindergarten she came from the kindergarten to the child Reminds group I was in (Skjoldhøj) I had taken the child from her, she not only clear the tidspungt she ryggede into day care.

    The girl came to school from me to start, but there had been some wearisome thing in kindergarten so they had sought me istædet and the educator became angry and was allowed two tyraniser me in the area she would show who was best but since I had proven my worth for the longest hours.
    they began in the region to gather those who seemed to belong together to destroy my life and some of the last parents of children in my home .

    Center West two of whom are now and helps teachers to ødlagge my two girls remain in school from my home and comparison with kindergarten girls and parents and Kindergarten teacher -? What do you think they will Achieve with the ødlaggelse they have going on here now testing guess.

    it is certain families who sits as a schoolteacher.
    seated Doctor – who sits psyche and Family Counseling ander do not enter they must not see what it’s forecourt crime in such a degree that it is fengselstraf.

  • I think Tinna’s already been given a dose of the H1N1. You are witnessing the effects of this VACCINE THAT HAS BEEN GROWN IN LIVE CANCEROUS DISEASED GREEN MONKEY VIRUS. Next the Formaldehyde, Squalene, Mercury and Aluminum will kick in and then Tinna will be seeing “Change we can believe in!”

  • a man came to coffee, he came in the beautiful red car and he was late
    He came with a curse, he said that if he had to choose it would be Anette my kunsin forward for me and my parents.
    He said his connection to øddlæggelse was bigger ,only a few got through with it,they will, and he will get me bad without so much as blinkle with eyes,
    The same man wrote thoughtful letters to Sandra and would like to meet with me again but I was not interasseret in the behavior. Everything here undskab, a man came to coffee, he came in the beautiful red car and he was late .

    The man known to the family Riber.
    And I had never done anything for this man’s hatred and ødlæggende words.
    I opened my home for coffee and the kindness and got a lot of family gossip and hatred in my head to gengeld.

  • I know some terrible things-it’s not the virus that makes them what they make of things, Yes/ NO problems it is education-training-knowledge and certain families who have carried genrationer used and money ? while they people to death with their unity.

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