Leaked Call Suggests “New Govt Coalition Behind Snipers” In Ukrainian Riots

Leaked Call Suggests New Govt Coalition Behind Snipers In Ukrainian Riots

(FEDERALJACK)   Just a few weeks ago over 80 people were shot dead during riots in Kiev. Ukraine’s government then insisted that police had nothing to do with the killings. Now those claims have been independently backed up. In a leaked conversation with the EU’s foreign policy chief, Estonia’s top diplomat says it was the same snipers who targeted both activists and police.

5 Responses to Leaked Call Suggests “New Govt Coalition Behind Snipers” In Ukrainian Riots

  • Just as with 9/11, their schemes of murder are sloppy and obvious. They repeat their lies over and over and because the people believe their “daddy” in office, who is supposed to take care of them, they believe, the attrocities which continue. Now they want to go to the big war to keep us in crisis mentally and spiritually. Make it right. Expose their lies so that the light is shone on them. Peace to humanity.

  • It was probably the Israelis. harretz and time of Israel were bosting how their blue helmets were leading the Ukrainian revolt.

    look at all the US marines the Israel snipers killed in Iraq. how many sniper rifles come with a built in camera? the Israeli rafael

    look it up

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