Korn Frontman: ‘Obama Is an Illuminati Puppet’


(ROLLING STONE)   Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has blasted President Obama, calling him an “Illuminati puppet” in a new interview. “He’s basically dragged this country down into the worst it’s ever been,” Davis told Billboard. “Like I say about the White House, ‘You’ve built this house of shame.’ Everybody looked up at the White House and America and now I think it’s like a house of shame. I miss the old days when people were proud to be American.” Obama came up in Davis’ discussion of the new Korn song “Illuminati,” which appears on the group’s latest album, Path of Totality. The set, their 10th record overall, finds the nü-metal rockers experimenting with dubstep and drum and bass music with guest producer Skrillex.


15 Responses to Korn Frontman: ‘Obama Is an Illuminati Puppet’

  • Who are these Illuminati? I think George W Bush’s puppeteers were a lot more transparent. And at least Obama can walk without his knuckles dragging. (NB The Illuminati are a fictional organisation from the trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson)

  • The Illuminati are very real. George Washington even wrote about them in his diaries. You need to educate yourself.

  • I don’t know what world Jonathan has been living in if he thinks the White House was a place of honor that ‘everybody looked up to’ before Pres. Obama was elected. Really? Johnathan looked upon the Bush presidency (among others) as righteous? Before 2008, according to Johnathan, all Americans were walking around ‘full of pride’ just for being born geographically lucky and we bore no shame for the pathetic state of our national conscience. Sure, thats how I remember it allright (insert dripping sarcasm here). The people who are mad at Obama were delusional in the first place – they honestly thought that he would ride in on a white horse and fix all that was ailing in our nation with his majic wand and fairy dust, nevermind he has faced more party opposition than any politician ever has and that the gop declared war (on him and the citizens) at all costs to our country. But don’t let truth stop you Jonathan, by all means, please drizzle on.

  • The Illuminati are not originated by the surreal trilogy…and Robert Anton Wilson believed strongly in the existence of global conspiracies( not to say imbibing huge amounts of psychedelics made him the most rational man out there.) On a more adequate note. If illuminati is real organization or merely a distraction from the real global conspiracies, I don’t know. Or it may just be the label we give to the elitists that have an agenda of globalism and centralized power. What I do know is that bush was their puppet, but Obama is their bitch.

  • Its so funny that you people will not admit that obama is a bad president, but instead, keep jumping back more than 2 terms ago… we cant change the past but we can prevent the future from being a horrible past. get a grip.

  • people need to really educate themselves and stop listening to propaganda…. Research, research and research. Many things that go on today have been prophesied in both the Bible and Great works of scientists and scholars and yes even seers of the past….and the present.Society wants people to live in fear for as long as there is fear there is control. Live your life; live your dream.and somewhere along that path do good.

  • the illuminati were real. i believe they were actually jesuits under another name after they’d been expelled from so many countries for political intrigue. the jesuits came back with a vengeance.

    in a letter to woodrow wilson’s right hand man mandell house, fdr said a large financial element has controlled the government since the days of andrew jackson. the left/right paradigm that rolling stone promotes is nonsense.

  • correction, in addition to being expelled from countries the jesuits hwre broken up by the vatican. that’s when they went underground and i think the illuminati were the jesuits although that’s the subject of some debate.

    illuminati now is a sort of catch-all phrase but it’s used to talk about the power behind the scenes. of course in america the media fosters the notion that the president is the most powerful man in the world and by extension ‘we the people.’ anyone that says any different is branded a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the so-called left and right and the media.

  • Learn to read people, he was not talking about Bush or anyone else. He was discussing Obama. I feel exactly the same way he does. Bush was a disaster, but Obama makes a disaster look appealing……………..

  • In reference to above statement. There’s an excellent book by Malachi Martin called ‘The Jesuits’ in which he explained atheist communists had infiltrated the catholic church through the jesuits.

  • People are so easily duped. Don’t assume the info in Angels and Demons about the illuminati is the truth. The illuminati is a catch-all that refers to the zionist illuminati, a small but powerful group of ashkenazi khazarians, very wealthy, godless and warlike, that converted to Judaism a long time ago making them so-called Jews (Torah forbids converts). They are very different and even hated by Torah obedient semite Jews. Educate yourself. Most other info is blatant disinformation, misinformation, smokescreen, diversion, etc.

  • yeah right have another bong hit hippie

  • This coming from a "man" who has squandered much of his earnings supporting the porn industry. Right on Jonathan…your politics is flaccid!

  • ………………….O-BOMB-A………………………

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