Katy Perry – California Gurls Subliminal Messages


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  • Woe to you O Earth and Sea, for the devil sends the beast with roth because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding rekon the number of the beast for it is a human number, It’s number is YOU! or is it? could it be? for we are truely the last in LINE! REMEMBER sometimes words have TWO meaning! There is the ROCK(Jesus) AND there is the ROLL(Satan). FAIR WARNING! Crazy train. IDK,IDK,IDK, ask yourself WHAT’S REALY GOING ON?????????????? AND WILL ALL FLOAT ON, ALRIGHT ALREADY.

  • Our Lives are as a Vapor,as the Dew on the Morning Grass,(that is SHORT) Im a Prodical Son in the Kingdom, I’ve been Burned by the 501c3 ORGANIZATIONS(Church) I’ve not Given up on G-D!!! WOW those videos affected me Powerfully in my SOUL(mind ,emotions,will) The Bible says G-D is Love,it’s what we ALL long for. What is Satans Biggest Trick???? Tricking US to Believe He Doesn’t Exist!!!! If your a Searcher as I am! And are Back on the Narrow Path, Please Contact Me @ bowaimhit@yahoo.com. Iron Sharpens Iron!!!

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