Judyth Vary Baker on JFK Assassination Witness “Suicides”

Judyth Vary Baker on the “suicides” of George de Mohrenschildt & Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig.



3 Responses to Judyth Vary Baker on JFK Assassination Witness “Suicides”

  • here’s the simple etiology:

    U.S. Treasury is an arm of the FED. FED is the ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST BANKING CARTEL.

    if a puppet gets out of line, the ROTHSCHILDS issue the kill order and the S.S. (sword swallowers) who guard the puppet take a powder and allow the kill to happen, just as they did in the turn just before the motorcade entered DEALEY PLAZA where all the S.S. fuckers dismounted the vehicle and shrugged their shoulders.

    ROTHSCHILDS OWN THE U.S. this entire nation is a zioturd money laundering operation!

  • The only thing anyone would need to know to realize that there was more to it than what we were told is the fact that a very well known Dallas mobster was allowed to walk right into the Dallas police station, armed and unopposed, and walk right up to the man who had been arrested for the assassination of the president and fire a gun at point blank range, unopposed. Nothing odd about that, right? Of course the murder of the patsy was only the beginning of eliminating witnesses. Many of the facts have been investigated and revealed over the years,but allowing Jack Ruby complete armed and unopposed access to shoot Oswald should be enough to put doubt into anyone who believes the official lone assassin version.

  • Jack Ruby, AKA, Jacob Rubenstien… Which mob? Probably Mier Lansky’s jewish mafia?

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