Judyth Vary Baker, Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Survives Another Attempt On Her Life While In Toronto

(Sydney White)   On the 18th of October, the crowd in the book store was overflowing to the doors. The enormous cake for the 72nd birthday of Lee Harvey Oswald was in the centre and Judith Vary Baker stood over it, ready to cut the first piece. She had kept her promise to Lee, that she would clear his name and let his children know that he was not the killer of President Kennedy but a young man who had tried to stop it. Her book, “Lee and Me” was selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and the line-up for autographed copies lasted two hours.
I bought a copy and read it before my interview with her on Friday, October 21st.
Over the next two days, I was drawn so completely into the book that I cancelled two events and several chores. It was not written like a textbook or an affidavit, but was more a diary of what happened to a naive school girl caught up in a conspiracy that was beyond her experience. She was a student with an aptitude for science who wanted to find a cure for cancer. She was twenty and Lee was twenty-three, when they met, fell in love and were both used and abused by those determined to kill Kennedy and/or Castro.
I arrived at the hotel around 4 on the 21st and was invited by Judith to her “celebration” family dinner where she said we could talk in an informal atmosphere. Little did I know our conversation would be cut short. She asked that I sit next to her at the head of the table where she related conversations with Lee, as if they were yesterday… “Lee said that you could never own your own house, because they could take if from you for taxes.” She loved the health care system in Sweden. She would love to get another dog but “would not outlive another dog”. I replied that of course she would. She replied “No, I would not.”
I looked away, at the dozen people enjoying the dinner, laughing, toasting, family that Judith had not seen in years. It was not safe for her to bring them into her life. Some of her relatives did not want to have her in their lives, she explained, understanding their fear. Suddenly she said, “I think my gum is bleeding”. As I stared, she put her finger in her mouth and brought out a pointed piece of glass. I took it from her as she reached in again and removed another small piece of glass. She said “There’s something in my throat”. I called the waitress over and told her to get the manager; I showed her the pieces of glass on the table.
The celebration was still going on; they could not see or hear what had transpired at the head of the table. They only realized what had happened when they heard me ask the manager to call an ambulance. There was obviously glass in Judith’s throat and possibly in her stomach. In fact, there were smaller sand sized pieces of glass throughout the meat on her plate. I explained to the manager that this lady was not a Canadian and had no health insurance here. After a slight hesitation he said that the hotel would pay for her emergency care.
Judith anxiously asked that I come in the ambulance with her; the family were told where she was going so they could meet her at the hospital. Her reunion celebration ended as daughters, sons, grandchildren and her stepfather, shocked, went to their cars . In the ambulance, she had some difficulty swallowing as there seemed to be glass stuck in her throat. At the hospital, she was immediately taken to the triage room where her daughter was the only one allowed to sit beside her. The room was full. In spite of this frightening end to the reunion she had looked forward to for so long, Judith was determined to get to her book signing in Montreal the next day. I wondered, as her son drove me home, how this night would end.
I heard from her agent on the weekend, that indeed, this determined lady was in Montreal the next day. I salute you Judith for your honesty and your true grit.
Sydney White
Investigative Reporter
Studies in Propaganda
The Free University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Link To Video On YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gv2uj10CO0
Check her websites out and get her book here:  http://judythbaker.blogspot.com/  &   http://meandlee.com/

23 Responses to Judyth Vary Baker, Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Survives Another Attempt On Her Life While In Toronto

  • The safest thing to do in these cases is to say everything you know as loudly and as publicly as possible. There’s more danger than benefit in attacking a whistle-blower after they’ve spilled all the beans – it only brings more attention to what they were saying.

  • She really needs to go on the Alex Jones show, it will expose her to 7 million activist listeners.

  • The world needs more Judyth Bakers.

  • “Another Attemp” —> “Another Attempt” .

    Please spell titles correctly – if the most-visible aspect of your article appears to have been written in a rush, it makes your statements/claims seem less credible to people who have never heard of you/her. Thank you.

    In respect,
    raysnew @ yahoo.com

  • This article wrote, “…Her book, “Lee and Me” was selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and the line-up for autographed copies lasted two hours.

    I bought a copy and read it before my interview with her on Friday, October 21st.”

    —> Did POPEYE, who seems to be a serious writer, get the title wrong – despite featuring mention of the book so prominently in this piece? At Amazon.com, the title is “Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald”. So in an abbreviated fashion, that title would be “Me & Lee”- not “Lee and Me”.

    Aiming for accuracy,
    raysnew @ yahoo.com

  • Ray, I didn’t write the article, I re-posted it. The guy who wrote it has his name in parentheses in the very beginning, as I do with every post on this website. I don’t alter people’s original stuff, that is how he wrote it and that is how I left it. The title was a typo which was fixed in two seconds.

  • No, dont get her on Alex Jones, He’ll only tell about 88% of the story and blame it on the Bilderbergers, the British Oligarchy, the new world orderers, Hillary Clinton …..Everyone else but the people we all know who wanted the whole JFK assasination covered up. The Chosen Ones didnt want JFK to put out those nice shiny silver backed coins/dollars – he had their number, and they unfortunately had His. Why do you think the media at that time change Jack Rubensteins name to Jack Ruby? Just sayin.

  • Well this certainly matches the interview of LBJ’s mistress story.
    I too have come to the conclusion that if the “gov” uses the words “war on”…it means it must be good for you.
    Bless her heart…

  • Im realy saprized She is still alive. When You brought up
    The Vacseeens H**l Popey I dont know how to put it.

    Lets try this I knew of Miss Backer and Her Mind and past
    for a long time. Her story is mind blowing. She changed
    history in a lot of ways. Its sad they use Her work like they do

    She could have done so much good,and they used Her and left Her
    to die for lack of a better way to put it.

    Thats the take I have on Her anyway so far. From what Ive seen

    Im gona go watch he vid and cheek if Im on the right track.

    Hay Popey I made it threw finely great site. I cant get on
    Orion to day opps I can now.

  • I agree with the statement that she needs to be on Alex’s show. And Jeff’s show, and Jesse Ventura’s show too.

    Get her on as many wide reaching outlets as possible. Heck, if Judge Napolitano wants to retire in style, he should have Judyth on as a guest. I know the likelyhood of that happening is slim to none, but it’s worth putting the idea out there.

  • My writer Ms. Sydney White sent her story to rense.com.

    The story was originally removed right off rense.com and we had to send it again.

    The day of the assassination attempt I expected it as I said the day before in front of a lot of people:
    “an attempt on her life is going to be made and it may somehow be connected to Lenny Bloom/Nelson Thall (30% owner of the Toronto Star). The next day Lenny failed to appear for a scheduled interview. Instead Judyth was given a plate of food containing shards of glass.

    I had a STATIONARY police copter over my house at the time as “they” didn’t know my exact location as I was to appear there myself. Instead, I had my two contacts there to interview Judyth.

    My new cell phone was also destroyed.
    — Victor / Toronto Street News

  • I have had genuine attempts on my life,but considered
    the glass in my food incident an accident. Other people have had incidents
    at restaurants. However, I HAD asked not to stay in the same hotel so
    many days. Phone calls trying to reach me got cut off at the desk,for example.
    Why? I have had a number of threats and consider that the price
    to pay. Hospitalized five times in five years after speaking out –so-called
    ‘accidents’ involving a cut brake-line,being plowed into deliberately, etc.
    Have also been shot at. Most incidents I never report because there is no
    evidence available. It happens when you are alone,with no witnesses.
    I am grateful to still be alive. Because this was such a public event,
    I do not believe it was an attempt on my life. More evidence
    is needed. However, History Channel may be creating some of my problems.
    In their JFK assassination conspiracy theory internet
    smear film,they say I claim to have helped invent AIDS! They won’t remove this twisted fable. i was not involved in The project after Sept. 1,1963.
    Such accusations –and threats to have me arrested as a Lee’s accomplice in his
    killing of Kennedy–make it impossible to live in safety in the US–and I have to hide, wearing Muslim clothing in Turkey, etc. But I will not abandon my mission to testify as to Lee Oswald’s innocence–a man who actually tried to save Kennedy’s life. Alex Jones will not interview me. There will be ONE MORE INTERVIEW here with POPEYE, in 2011 –then I will avoid further interviews until time to stand in Dealey Plaza Nov. 2013 –and get arrested if necessary, since City of Dallas says they will forbid citizens speaking out there on Nov. 22,though they have since 1964. City want to run the show with help of the Sixth Floor Museum…. Meanwhile, do not believe MAX HOLLAND,CIA asset who on Fox News today claims Lee can be seen in the TSBD with enhanced photo techniques. Trust him? Don’t. He has written many articles for the CIA.See my blog at judythbaker.blogspot.com. God bless you all. as lee said, “Don’t believe the so-called evidence!”

  • At Toronto Street News I’ve had my cell phone fried while speaking to my informant.

    A red-Mini tried to knock us off the road — perhaps a driverless vehicle which spun in front of us at high speed from right to left and then straight across in front of us. 2 days later a red-Mini followed me into my bank parking lot but disappeared immediately when I followed it on foot to see who was driving. Perhaps no one.
    My hotmail account has now been hacked into with some strange messages that go beyond what a virus is capable of.
    Police copter parked stationary over my office back door at time of attempt on life of Baker.
    A so-called JFK researcher appears at restaurant minutes after I described where I would meet my informant. Interrupts us to say he just got back from Dallas. He appeared at Conspiracy Bookstore one hour after attempt on her life.
    Car towed from in front of office because of snow route — there was no snow or warning.
    Suspicious guy appears at book store where I distribute Toronto Street News — thought it was to be expected that Nelson Thall uses cocaine in his puffer and uses prostitutes anally. This guy would pass for a bank executive except he dressed “down” to try to look average.
    My car was blown up Sept. 3 and almost killed me after I exposed another zionist politician (Bob Rae-Levine) who tried to sell taxpayer owned Ontario Hydro to Enron, helped smuggle Chinese agents into Canada with the help of family friend Maurice Strong.
    I wish I never knew any of this — they have me looking over my shoulder constantly.
    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News

  • NEWSFLASH .. breaking news .. World clamouring for Oswald amid CIA/FBI involvement. Dallas Sheriff spends 3 days interviewing Oswald with no record of interviews.

    Not very neat Sheriffing, but very neat that unit of that wide that specific many componented JFK plot .

  • What a nut case.

  • Judyth is an amazing person and I am proud to call her my best friend. She has a US tour coming up beginning on September 21-December 1, 2014. She will be traveling all over the US. I pray for her safety. I have begun working for her, and I am planning to accompany her on her tour this year. I have many ideas that will generate publicity, and I want to be there to help her in any way that I can and support her. The main problem we are having, is that plane fares are expensive, hotels are expensive, although we could share a room, and food for 2 months is expensive. I honestly feel I could be so much help to her, and it would mean the world to me to be there with her. I have started a fundraiser, so if you feel in your heart that you would like to help, you can donate at: http://www.gofundme.com/9vp990 or you can donate money straight to my paypal at: truthseeker0429@gmail.com. No amount is too small or too large and Judyth and I would be forever grateful. Thank you!!

  • I like the helpful information you provide on your articles.

    I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again here frequently.
    I am rather certain I’ll be told lots of new stuff proper here!

    Best of luck for the following!

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