Journalist Banned From The U.K. For Exposing The Torture & Rape of Children

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2 Responses to “Journalist Banned From The U.K. For Exposing The Torture & Rape of Children”
  1. SPARKY says:

    And the US State of New Jersey is named afer this isle of puke!!!…But, wait a minute, NJ is alot like the Isle of Jersey…HHHHHHMMMMM

  2. ARIZONA says:

    OH, I don’t think this will last to long as AMERICA puts the remains of dead children in its food,drinks,womens makeup and all kinds of products and sells their children to the chinese for food and gives them to the military for food for aliens in there underground bases,this country has gone so far pass anything the LORD would allow,its over for this GODLESS country,HE warned the world "DON’T HARM MY LITTLE ONES"american women said WE’LL DO ANYTHING WE WANT and now they do ,so KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BY AMERICA or should I say SODOM and GEMORA……………

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