Journalism professor: NRA members deserve execution by firing squad


(JOE NEWBY)   Christopher Swindell, a journalism professor at Marshall University in West Virginia, falsely claimed in an op-ed at the Charleston Gazette that the NRA “advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America” and deserves to be executed by a firing squad.

“That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad,” Swindell wrote.

Bryan Preston of PJ Media took Swindell to task for his comments, saying the professor’s initial statement is “a lie.”

“The NRA advocates fidelity to the U.S. Constitution,” Preston said.

Preston also excoriated Swindell for his desire to see NRA members shot.

“If he was a professor of history, he might know that even Benedict Arnold didn’t get the firing squad,” Preston wrote.

Swindell took a swipe at Sarah Palin, calling her a “half-wit half-term quitter,” and slammed the NRA for “choosing a white, rich old man” as president.

Swindell accused the NRA of treason twice in his article before invoking the race card.

“And many invite it gladly as if the African-American president we voted for is somehow infringing on their Constitutional rights,” he wrote.

After playing the race card, Swindell mentioned treason a third time, then suggested that military force be used against the NRA, while saying he would be willing to join the military to go after NRA members.

Ironically, Swindell — who once falsely claimed that the Tea Party hates America because it disagrees with Obama — promised to “stop with the accusations and the name-calling” in 2011. But now, Preston wrote, he’s “pushing for civil war to murder millions of law-abiding Americans who don’t happen to wear his political stripe.”

Swindell is not the first to advocate killing members of the NRA.

In addition to rank-and-file liberals on social media sites like Twitter, Swindell joins Democratic Party leaders like John CobarruviasHollywood celebrities and liberal opinion writers in publicly expressing a desire to see fellow Americans murdered because they support the right to keep and bear arms.


10 Responses to Journalism professor: NRA members deserve execution by firing squad

  • These are precisely the assholes that our founders wanted us armed for.
    They knew that in time that pricks like this professor would gain employment in government & abuse their power.
    Not now, not in the near future, not EVER shall I allow any man, cop or king to render me disarmed.

  • And the university has not booted him? Sounds like Terrorist THREATS to me.

  • Note to self: never let kids go to Marshall University. 😀

  • That’d EXACTLY why we need guns!’

    To defend ourselves against people like them!

    Imagine what they, and the Feds, and the rest of their minions, would do, if we DIDN"T have guns. How much faster they would kill us. And with what zeal!

  • This guy is so completely over the top, he seems like some sort of decoy. It don’t smell right.

  • To paraphrase his argument; "People who insist on retaining the means to defend themselves against being violently murdered for political expediency, should be stripped of that means and violently murdered, for political expediency!"

    Wot a bleedin’ genius this man is!

  • if you love your children and want them to be mentally healthy and sane. NEVER SEND THEM TO COLLEGE! Colleges are propaganda brainwashing indoctrination camps! "as are all public schools for that matter"
    Aside from the fact that upwards of 60% of college graduates can’t find a job "80% of those that can find employment, cannot find employment in their field of study" but they are still committed to paying back the college debt! Think debt slavery!

  • So then the professor is advocating gun crime and violence? did I get that right?

  • Professor Swindle (laughs!). Appropriately named!

  • Keep calm and play dead

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