Joe & Jill Biden think America should “just put up with” the new TSA groping policy

7 Responses to Joe & Jill Biden think America should “just put up with” the new TSA groping policy

  • It was after all the Catholic Zionist and ex Senator Joe Biden’s state of Delaware that allowed ICTS International and its convicted,(in Israel),money launderer Menachem Atzmon to incorporate there in 1999 and get right on Bernie Madoff’s and Mary Schapiro’s NASDAQ and sell enough of their worthless stock shares to buy Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and the contract out on Logan Airport Boston(where according to U.S.government official story the two planes that hit the WTC originated from),and still had enough lose change and shares to dump or sale with the help of El Al lying about employing them that they still added some money from defrauded American investors in this stock fraud and corporate sabatoge against their ‘allies’ the American citizens.Yep with friends like them you don’t need enemies and Joe nd Jill Biden are in bed with them.

    9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Pakistan General Ahmad,Mansoor Ijaz,WSJ,Asra Nomani,ICTS Israel, Crescent Hydropolis

    by Tony Ryals | 12.31.2008
    Barack Obama received the maximum legal campaign contribtion from Pakistani-American Mansoor Ijaz who was the person responsible for introducing Wall Street Journal reporter to his killers in the first place ! And Joe Biden met with Pakistan ISI General Mahmud Ahmed who ordered the British-born and Pakistani intelligence connected Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh,to wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta, in Venice,Florida just before 911!

    Biden son’s, brothers firm downplays ties to closed hedge fund …
    29 Apr 2009 … Biden son’s, brothers firm downplays ties to closed hedge fund [UPDATED]. A hedge fund with some ties to Vice President Joe Biden’s family ……/Biden_son_brother_associated_with_closed_hedge_fund.html

    Hedge Fund Run by Biden’s Son and Brother Had Links to Stanford …
    24 Feb 2009 … A hedge fund owned by Vice President Joe Biden’s son and brother had links to a Texas billionaire accused in an $8 billion fraud. ……/hedge_fund_run_by_bidens_son_and_brother_had_links_to_stanford/

  • let’s face facts ole’ plug head has got the brain power of a flea — hope & change & grope a dope is right in line with his mind set !

  • How odd that Biden held his head and eyes down while discussing this; and what’s with the note cards? I’d love for a body language expert to interpret his demeanor.

  • Joe Biden is not only out in left field without a glove, he isn’t within 10 miles of the ballpark. Mrs. Biden should never appear on TV – she comes across as an uninformed parrot. Since I pay Biden’s salary and everyone in the US has the same rights/privileges/is subject to the same laws, I suggest that the Bidens travel on commercial airlines and be subject to the same invasive, degrading and abusive procedures conducted by the TSA they feel the rest of us must put up with.

  • As if anyone gives a dang about what Biden has to say. . He’s a shill for everything federal. . I doubt he’s had a cognizant thought of his own in years. .

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