Jeb Bush being urged to run for president by father, brother

(RAW STORY)   Former White House secretary and Fox commentator Dana Perino stated on Wednesday morning that Jed Bush is being urged to become the third Bush in the White House. And leading in that push are the two presidents in his family.

When asked if she believed if he would run for the presidency one day, Perino said, “I do.”

“I know that his dad and his brother both want him to run,” she said. “I think each of those Bush presidents, and a possible future president, bring a unique aspect of the table. But what they have in common is a quiet dignity and love for America that makes me still support them everyday when I wake up.”

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which aired on August 24, 2011.

13 Responses to Jeb Bush being urged to run for president by father, brother

  • Does anybody at all care that Prescott Bush tried to orchestrate a fascist coup in 1933 and his son and grandson followed through with the plans?

    There is something really weird going on in this country.

  • For starters, Dana Perino is pond scum. But there are actually people in this country who would vote for this asshole, who stood by and did nothing while Terri Schiavo was judicially murdered.

    Just think about how stupid the average person in this country is, and then realize that a third of the population is even stupider than that!

  • The criminal Bush family hubris knows no bounds. I would have to leave these United States rather than subject myself to another Bush presidency. Yes the people of the US are rather putrid at picking candidates for federal office, but I cannot imagine the level of putridness it would take for Bushy crime spree three to happen.

  • Poppy Bush has been a power player since he made his bones by managing the players at the Kennedy Assassination / Coup d’ Etat in 1963.

    From there he went to the House, UN Ambassador, Head Liaison to Red China after the crucial “China card ” play by Nixon, HEAD OF THE C.I.A., Vice President under Reagan, Defacto President after the faild Reagan assassination attempt, elected President, Presidential controller of his old drug runner William Rockefeller Clinton, Father of idiot son President, Controller of token “colored” President Obama Soetoto, AND NEXT WILL BE FATHER OF P.N.A.C. member President Jeb Bush.

    Poppy Bush controls the world drug trade. He organized the collapse of the WTC with the Rockefeller brothers in 1975, though the plan was delayed until 2001 because of three failed assassination attempts on simpleton Jerry Ford, and the election of Jimmy Carter which resulted in Poppy being exiled from offices for 4 years.

    The former Republic of America will not be free from the Bush / Crowley (Barbara is the bastard daughter of Allister Crowley) bloodline until they are all buried with stakes thru their black reptilian hearts!

  • This would be wunerful. Rick Perry and Jeb Bush both in the race. Just like a trainer entering two horses in the Kentucky Derby. Karl Rove (trainer), manages both ponies according to his handler’s instructions. I’m watching the London and Vegas odds!!

  • Aw hell, don’t just stop with Jeb. Let’s put the whole goddamn Bush family back in power. With all that experience he got pillaging at Silverado, Neil can be Treasury Sec. He’ll make Geithner look like a choirboy. And Marvin can be in charge of White House security, you know, like he did for the World Trade Center towers. It’ll be just one big happy cluster****.

  • AWH, Hell no!

    Don’t these people ever go away? Two bush members are enough for several lifetimes in America. How much more damage can we substain?

  • Are only treasonous NWO/globlaists named Bush or Clinton allowed to be P.O.T.U.S.???

  • LOL, LOL! He has a better chance of turning into a snowball and thriving in hades! WTF?? How dillusional can the Bush family get….INSANE!

  • You people are really stupid… Don’t believe everything the media puts out there… Bush Sr. has been serving this country for the longest time and he gets no respect…

    Bush Jr, yes… not the bright of Bush Sr. sons… But Jeb Bush… He is the smart one and he has worked HARD for this country thru his own efforts…

    Wake up people!!!

  • Jeb Bush can suck on my balls. Fuck him and his Satanic family. He ran child kidnapping in Florida,

    And his traitor Grove fluffing punk brother “Marvin” was in charge of the World Trade Center on 911. Generational satanists. Burn in hell Bushes.

  • Michael,

    I hear you, brother. The first clowns who will get the microphone on release of this news will be the ilk of all these people gathered here to comment and slander Jed. The bottom line is that nobody among the liberal crowd will allow a civil discourse on the topic of another Bush running for the White House.

    Civil discourse is dead among these pot-heads and that’s nothing less than a fact taken from reading this tripe here. I’ve often marvelled at their supposed hatred of Bush as a result of the legend of his being a drug runner (I don’t believe it to be so), while every one of them contributes to the river of ca$h that has been flowing to Columbia from the USA. If they really disliked the concept, they’d cut off their contributions, drop the roach, and get with the constitution. But we cannot hope for that.

    I hope Jed makes it, and rolls back ALL of the Obama legislative agenda, to include the non-legislative executive actions by him and his “cabinet” of Czars.


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