It’s Simply a Choice Between Fear and Love

(Popeye of FederalJack)   When will Americans, who boast to be the toughest, most bad-ass people on the planet, stand up to our dictator in chief, and the rest of the congress critters and send them packing. We do NOT need them to make things run, or protect us. As I have said a thousand times before, THE SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS ARE AN INSIDE JOB! Obviously they don’t want to “take care” of us or “save” us, they want to control and eradicate us. So when will we, the coward nation we have become, the paper tiger (invading other people’s backyards does not count), stand up? The people in this country talk allot of shit but never back it up. I hear all the time that we are such a bad-ass country and that “we would never let that happen here” or “that couldn’t happen here, we are America”… really? Well where are all you tough guys now? Huh…. Your all watching football, baseball, basketball, or some other mind numbing bullshit. Be real men and turn that crap off. Sports are for children or to blow some steam off. When we grow up there are real important issues to be looked into. You’re not cool or tough if you run around in a sports jersey of your favorite player, drinking beer and reciting all of that players stats or the team history, yet don’t even know the Bill of Rights, and the first ten amendments to the Constitution; or allow your kids, and wife to be groped by some scumbag TSA loser at the airport, or now even to see certain sporting events you are actually part of the problem. If you joined the military to “defend and protect America” (been there done that myself) you are in someone else’s back yard killing them for no reason other than doing your masters dirty-work, or being trained to take on the very people you said you joined to protect, in essence being a bully’s bitch by protecting the bully (the controllers), and engaging in bully type behavior. Now I know most of you who joined aren’t there to be bullies yourselves or to be a bully’s little bitch. I know how they (the controllers) lure people in to fight their battles, but you have a choice. Do the right thing, don’t be someone’s bitch. As for the civilians, the everyday American; take your balls back, and stand up before it’s too F****** late to do so. Fall in love with the word NO. They (the controllers) have no real power, so they get you to surrender to them through fear by bullying you. If everyone realized this their little game would be over in a heartbeat. No violence needed at all. Their power over us is an illusion that we make into a reality by feeding into it. It’s simply a choice between fear and love. Fear controls us, Love frees us. It is fundamentally, and quite literally that simple. It’s time we acted like the country, and people we portray ourselves to be. I choose freedom and love.

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