Israel pays journalists in US to produce propaganda material

(DAWN.COM)   NEW YORK, Aug 22: Newly declassified documents highlighting how the Israeli lobby routinely paid off journalists in the US corporate media to produce pro-Zionist propaganda material in support of Israeli aggression against Palestine and Iran during the 60’s have taken on new significance after the Atlantic Monthly’s article this month , the Middle Eastern Policy Institute of Research said in a report.

Atlantic Monthly which is named in the documents as being complicit in the bribing scandal, recently published a cover story hyping the necessity and inevitability of an Israeli attack on Iran fearing that Tehran might acquire a nuclear device which Israel believes will threaten it. According to several verified reports, Israel has an arsenal of over 200 nuclear warheads and is known as the only nuclear power in the Middle East region.

“Declassified files from a Senate investigation into Israeli-funded covert public relations and lobbying activity in the United States were released by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on July 23. The subpoenaed documents reveal Israel’s clandestine programs for ‘cultivation of editors’, the ‘stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines’ as well as US reporting about sensitive subjects such as the Dimona nuclear weapons facility,” reported the Middle East Policy Institute on line.

The documents make specific reference to The Atlantic Monthly publication, and how “arrangements” are made with The Atlantic to publish articles sympathetic to Israel and hostile to Palestine and Iran.

The files also mention other news sources, such as the Scripps-Howard chain, that the lobby planned to penetrate in order to achieve a “breakthrough,” in other words news sources that the lobby had not yet been able to pressurise and pay off as progenitors of Israeli propaganda.

One of the excerpts from the file describes the achievements of the so-called “Magazine Committee” in placing propaganda in US media outlets, stating, “We cannot pinpoint all that has already been accomplished by this committee except to say that it has been responsible for the writing and placement of articles on Israel in some of America’s leading magazines.”

The lobby was also active in assisting the US media in its cover-up of “The Lavon Affair” which centred around false-flag Israeli terrorist attacks on US government facilities in Egypt.

Appearing on Russia Today, Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy director Grant F. Smith said the Senate investigation focussed around, “Looking into groups who brought $36 million into the US to plant stories in the US media and promote Israeli foreign policy objectives in the United States,” adding that the documents from the investigation were extremely relevant “because they reveal a vast effort to divert US attention from the Israeli Dimona nuclear weapons facility by saying it was merely a research centre,” even as Israel now obsessively hypes the supposed threat of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

When the individuals responsible for the illegal programme were exposed, hoped Mr Smith, the activities of the group were merely transferred into the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which continues today as the foremost Israeli lobbying entity.
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