(FEDERALJACK)   Despite what all the media are yammering at you, despite all the fear mongering about Iran’s ‘nuclear threat’. Iran has been fully verified by the IAEA and ALL the U.S. intelligence community agree and are on record that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons despite talk that Iran is intolerant, despite the daily barrage of bad press and unpleasant innuendo, Iran is a great country, friendly, cultured, fun and spiritually-minded!

The ‘Powers That Were’ are dead set on taking us to war against Iran, but ‘They lied about Vietnam… Iraq…Afghanistan…’
and ‘Iran Is NOT Our Enemy!’


  • Iran isn’t our enemy…But their insane government, is…It’s that simple…If they weren’t building nukes, they wouldn’t have dug more than 250 feet into a mountain…

    In addition, the IAEA wasn’t admitted entry into their deepest facilities…And, if I remember correctly, the IAEA’s last boss, Eqyptian, Abaradey, was so far up Iran’s butt, his entire lying head was brown, and he betrayed the UN which is so corrupt itself, who could ever think they would ever do anyrhing honest…

    And, if Iran is so goody-two-shoes, how come they finance more Islamic terrorism throughout the world, than anyone…And don’t forget their ever faihful Islamic Boy Scout group of the east-Hezbolah…And, while we’re at it, we should recognize good old Hamas!!!…

    Sorry folks…thr report card on Iran is as follows:…Most of the people are very good and want the regime that keeps them as slaves, gone…And finally, the radical Muslim government of Iran is of the lowest crud on the planet, period…

    Try to remember that once a dog has rabies, it can’t be dealt with, rationally…You have to kill it or it wil do all in its power to kill you, period….

    And that’s way old Sparky feels…(I know I’ll hear how wrong I am….but I’ve been to the Middle-East a few times and all I can say is this…It’s a very scary place for a Jew or a Christian)…And that’s the name of that tune…

  • at every page on the site my virus alarm is going off !!!

  • Hey Sparky, your mindset comes straight from the mainstream news! Why don’t you decide your mind is going to be open for a change?
    Everything you’ve said is from the great propaganda machine that our Christian churches, and the government, feed us on a constant basis.
    If Iram wants to have nukes, who are you or anyone to say they cannot have them? Israel threatens war against their people almost every day. Wouldn’t YOU want to protect your country against the two most evil regimes on the planet?
    As a matter of honesty, I think you would. If the guy next door to you is caching weapons, and keeps making threats to you, what do you do? (Police would be of no use, remember.)
    I think you’d get some protection. The US and Israel are evil– don’t you get it?
    Open your mind.

  • saturnx311, you are either dumb or a liberal.

  • Thanks for re-posting this important and timely video.

    The original (better quality audio and sharper picture) is at:

    All Good Wishes!

  • Nice message to all, yes the time has come to quit listenning to what your brain has been taught to listen to from our main stream media and Illuminati sublimal message giving GAME PLAYER’S, Even if Iran is building or not building nuclear weapons, who give’s a shit, what you think the US or any ather greater power country or orginized terroist group don’t have them??? I sure do, all we do anymore is follow the huge cy-ops in play by the one’s who should just get there asses out of everyone else’s problems and fix there own,,,,or maybe all the hillbillies are right, maybe its time that it just gets fixed for them…….US should not be POLICING the world…..RON PAUL 2012

  • Iran is not an enemy of the West!
    Watch this excellent documentary to see what iranians are really like:
    Then watch the author’s (Rick Steves) comments about his experiences in Iran:

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