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  • Notice that most of these laws fall under environmental and consumer protection bureaucracies (the EPA et. al.). If you really examine the issue, environmentalists are not the kind-hearted gentle "granolas" that they appear to be, they support and cause this extremely draconian armed force and outrageously punitive behavior. They are crusaders saving the earth from everyone who is not one of them. In their case they are useful idiots who give a phony credence to fascist activities.

    In addition, these laws end up supporting corporations and shutting down individual and family businesses. Most of the victims of the laws are individual "mom and pop" businesses, not corporations. How convenient for corporations (usually transnational, not American, they have and always will sell out Americans at the drop of a hat). Most of the laws themselves are put into place by proclamations by bureaucrats. Congress, even with their record of anti-freedom and unconstitutional laws, might have rejected many of these laws and did not even vote for many or most of them.

    The revolving door between the regulatory agencies and the corporate world are well known. Therefore, pro-corporate regulation means lucrative paybacks for the bureaucrats. The regulatory agencies’ activities favor corporations and make individual business ownership almost impossible. Is that a coincidence? Corporate control is fascism. Is it a surprise that fascists use armed enforcers and treat the public with brutality?

    Virtually every federal agency has armed enforcers known as swat teams, hostage rescue units or HRUs (although the FBI HRU did not rescue any of the students at Columbine High School due to the all important and more important principal than public safety, OFFICER SAFETY, and to be fair none of the other SWAT teams did either, OFFICER SAFETY). When the SWAT team trend started these regulatory agencies clamored for their own SWAT teams. Seemingly safe bureaucratic activities required SWAT teams for all enforcement activities. If you examine this issue without the pro-government bias with which we have all been brainwashed, you will discover the reason for this.

    John Stossel says that these people are not evil. That is where Stossel and most other "watchdogs" show their hand. They are a limited hangout, controlled opposition, undermining a true understanding of the issues and especially resistance. Stossel is making excuses for armed thugs who are more akin to a mafia than to public servants whose goal is public safety and protection of people’s constitutional rights, a sort of prime directive to which they swore an oath. Many police officers of various stripes have been caught and recorded showing disdain and contempt for and laughing at their oath and our constitutional rights.

    Therefore, Stossel’s proclamation that these people are not evil is incorrect. What kind of people would use armed force and put a man away for six years and destroy his family for importing lobster tails in bags instead of boxes? That unfortunate man’s case is not an isolated one. I say that these agencies are a mafia and the armed agents are the enforcers. They work for Capos who are able to make their own laws. Does that make them any less of an organized crime network? You decide, but please consider my words. It is time that we stopped pussy footing around these issues and told the truth and expressed our right to free speech.

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