ICANN Confirms That It’s Going To Make It Easier For Governments To Seize Domains Around The Globe

(TECH DIRT)   This just gets worse and worse. After pointing out that ICANN was missing a big (and important) opportunity by not speaking out against governments seizing domain names, we were disappointed to see ICANN release a white paper that was more of a how-to manual for governments on seizing domains. Now, Paul Keating points us to the depressing news that ICANN is now publicly saying that it will work more closely with governments around the world to help them seize and censor domains. The writeup is a little vague, but it says that seizing domains for copyright infringement was a “hot topic” at ICANN’s recent meeting — including promises from ICANN that it would work more closely with law enforcement around the globe and the various registrars to help law enforcement be more effective in censoring these websites. This is really unfortunate and once again highlights ICANN’s uselessness in protecting the internet. Instead, it appears to be actively working against basic internet principles.


One Response to ICANN Confirms That It’s Going To Make It Easier For Governments To Seize Domains Around The Globe

  • Just as I am about to finish the retraining I am attending college to acquire in networking the industry is becoming a cesspool. I went back to school to try and get out of one cesspool and now it is spreading to every industry and every effort a person may wish to put forth.
    If governments were not corrupt they would not have to fear the internet so much. I do not for one minute buy the excuse that this is about copyright infringement or even about hackers. Many companies do not take the minimum precautions with their networks and wonder why a 5 year old hacks them. It is ridiculous. So we are to give up the best communication tool ever invented because some bought off individuals say so?
    The next retraining I go for will be living without this lack of civilization in a place where none of this c**p can float by. I am tired of the BS. Anyone else feel it is time to give free room and board to a lot of so called leaders?

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