I gave a cop a ticket

January 12, 2012 by  
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(DANNY PANZELLA)   The picture says it all.  I saw an NYPD police car illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant and did my civic duty by ordering the officer to ticket themselves.



8 Responses to “I gave a cop a ticket”
  1. Morgan says:


  2. Smoke says:

    What do you bet he gets the ticket fixed!

  3. DR. 187 says:

    Best laugh I had all day. Way to go dude !!

  4. james ha says:

    that cop car’s lights are on. although this being very funny, i find it hard to believe that you could get away with this with cops sitting inside the car.

  5. bratt says:

    bloody brilliant ….10/10

  6. chupamiverga says:

    @ james ha…

    ummm dumbass…. thats the reflection of a car behind it DUH!!

  7. initial V says:


    wrong! that’s the reflection coming from the flash of the camera used to take the photos.

  8. EJK says:

    I do hope that is a generic bank deposit slip and not one with your information printed on the other side! 😮

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