‘I don’t give a f***, n*****, open the door’: Police ‘Tasered black ex-Marine to death’ after he accidentally triggered medical alert in his sleep

(DAILY MAIL)   A chronically ill African-American heart patient died after police officers – called to deal with a medical emergency – burst into his home and Tasered him twice in the chest, it has been claimed.

Former Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Sr was allegedly shot by stun and beanbag guns at his White Plains, New York City, apartment in the early hours of November 19.

The victim, who had also worked as a correction officer, died in hospital later that day.

At first officers said the shooting was ‘justified’ as self-defense because the ‘deranged’ victim had first attacked officers with a hatchet and knife.

But, four months later, a grand jury is now being convened to look into alleged inconsistencies in the record of the involved officers’ version of events.

This is because fresh evidence, in the form of a recording from medical alert company LifeAid purporting to reveal everything said inside the apartment, has come to light.

Two videos which capture some of the incident, from a building security camera and also attached to a stun gun used by the police, have also emerged.

Lawyers for Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Jr, say police were called to the sleeping 68-year-old’s housing project home in the early hours of the morning.

He had accidentally triggered his LifeAid pendant and then failed to respond to calls.

On arrival he told officers banging on his door they were not needed. But they heard banging come from the apartment and thought someone could be in serious danger.

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