HURRICANE ERIN: The Category 3 Hurricane That Should Have Prevented 9/11 From Happening

(POPEYE)   Ten (10) years ago a category 3 hurricane named Erin was headed directly at NYC & the Tri-State area. It was set to make landfall on September the 11th 2001. If hurricane Erin had continued on it’s path NYC would have had a category 3 storm to contend with instead of the “terror” attacks that occurred. Could this monster storm have been steered away from NYC to allow for the attacks to happen? This documentary not only answers that question, it shows how it could be done with technology that already exists today and did ten years ago. The government of the U.S. has had the ability to modify weather since the 1960’s. Weather warfare was first used in the Vietnam war and is very much alive today. The worst attack on American soil could have been prevented by hurricane Erin and yet somehow the category 3 hurricane makes a sudden u-turn at the very last minute, do you think Bin-Laden did that from a cave with a laptop…. I don’t. Just more evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.











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  • It is the epitome of arrogance to think that we can control the weather. Such power belongs to God alone. Conspiracies are real, and they do happen. However, to go so far as to publish a theory claiming that the government is controlling the weather, hurricanes no less, undermines your credibility by espousing a point of view that so radical that it has gone off the deep end from being very unlikely to being sheer lunacy.

  • As I showed in the video Jim, the government has been controlling weather since the 1960’s. Time to grow up and face reality that we have advanced technology. You think I made up the idea of weather control? Are you that ignorant? Did you not pay any attention to the video? Did you do any research? Next time before opening your mouth do some research. It is fact that humans can control the weather. The Russians do it, the Arabs are making it rain in the desert, go look it up instead of spouting off over things you obviously have no clue about. I know it might be a hard concept to comprehend, but 100 yrs ago a cellphone would be considered black magic. Think before you type.

  • it is scientifically proven we are capable of controlling the weather and have been able to do so for decades. what do you think chemtrails are?! i mean really. i dont understand the ignorance in this world. they call us crazy because we believe these “theories”, but with such compelling evidence, how can one just turn their back on it? oh wait, i know, its because its not broadcasted on a mass media network, which is completely candy coated to begin with. people need to wake up. this isnt the doings of a “god”, its doings of the corrupt humans that roam this planet.

  • Jim – it is the epitome of ignorance to think that there’s a supernatural being living in the sky or outer space (what you refer to as ‘the heavens’) who dictates and controls everything that happens on this planet. Weather manipulation is NOT a theory and has existed, in some form, for 40 years. So instead of researching this technology and the proven results of its implementation, you use the God defense. You said it yourself – conspiracies ARE REAL.

  • Jim,

    It is the epitome of stupidity to deny dozens of patents on that explain exactly how it’s done. You need some news? Google Rain in the desert, the arabs set up tower and controlled the weather and it was in the lame stream news…

    The ionizers look like poles extending 33 feet (10 meters) into the air, with an ionization grid just a few meters wide. Each uses 500 watts of electrical power, or less than what you use turning on an electric stove. You can buy them in Switzerland.

    Now, go google haarp… and troll elsewhere.

  • Jim Fell, if you don’t think the government can manipulate the weather, you’re alarmingly naive. Read about HAARP.

  • Whenever someone create a technology to help/ benefit man kind there is always someone there to use it for negative / destructive purposes. IE; mechanics, TV, radio,splitting of atoms,weather modification, etc. There must be some way to control the negative side better.

  • Jim you are a real pinhead or working for the enemy. Pick one!

  • Question If we can control the weather why don’t we do it for all hurricanes?

  • Good question., Ben discusses that in the end a bit. Makes you wonder why they don’t stop them when they can.

  • Sure, the technology to remotely trigger earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes is here. It is called HAARP.


    The logic of the article question, though, leaves a bit for a comment — If they stopped Erin from landing on NY on Sept 9/11, 2001, to let 911 controlled demolition to proceed, they might have as well also started it and driven the whole thing.

    It all about heating the waters. Haarp ionospheric heater does that.

    Plus, this in itself is not “evidence” of the fact that 911 is controlled demolition inside false falg, but possibly an interesting inconclusive indicative coincidence only.

  • Fyi – Katrina made a hard turn only a day before landfall. It’s original path was going to take it away from a direct hit. And how about that year having far more cat 3 storms than before or since? NASA had a graphic that shows all hurricanes are seeded in the mountains around Ethiopia. Twenty large jet engines arranged in a vortex circle pointing up at 45 degrees could seed a hurricane. (butterfly wings flapping).

  • wow POPEYE you delusional F**ing LOON! You think the govt can control the weather! Ahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaa! WOW!

  • LMAO!!! HAARP. What a crock. A guy making a cloud in a jar, and cloud seeding is a far cry from generating & steering a hurricane, earthquake, etc.

  • There are treaties our government has signed to not use weather weapons against other countries. And we have had the ability to control weather since the sixties. Instead of thinking you know it all perhaps you should actually do some research, you might actually learn something.

  • The weather can and is controlled through the air force and other means…My grandfather was among the first group of U.S. airmen to fly into the eye of a hurricane in order to gather data and figure out how to control them. Been doing this stuff since the ’30’s. Wish he was still with us so he could give me more information.

  • Hurricane Erin was used as an energy source for the Directed Energy Weapon(s) used to dissolve the towers into dust in mid-air. If you haven’t yet heard about this remarkable explanation that actually explains all physical evidence on 9/11 then you are living under controlled information and outright lie. Google "Hutchison Effect" and definitely read thru Dr. Judy Wood’s excruciatingly extensive research (and book) on

  • The notion that Hurricane Erin was headed for NYC but magically failed to hit is utterly absurd. It is very easy to study the track of all major storms of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Notice that they tend to move up the east coast, frequently touching the Carolinas. They rarely hit New Jersey and New York,and Erin was no exception. Never coming closer to NYC than 300 miles, it followed the usual course off to the northeast after its fringe brought heavy rain to NYC during the evening of September 10, 2001. The storm, far from being under-reported (an outright lie associated with the crackpot Judy Wood), was mentioned on the weather segments of nightly newscasts for a week.

  • Here is the track of Hurricane Erin:

  • On 1 21 2001 GHW Bush quoted John Page during his inaugural address:

    “an angel rides in a whirlwind and directs this storm”

    There was far more to 911 than you may desire to believe.

    just wait

  • If you look at hurricane paths in the passed 20 years you see very similar activity however the circumstances may look.

    Not saying weather control doesn’t exist, the US told china to cease theirs .. and the patents .. tesla even did it in the 19th century ..

    Not everything is because govt.

  • Extremely good informative documentary! I would have to conclude on 9/11 there was a hurricane Erin. It went thru a very revealing flight pattern towards New York, and immediately away at or near the same time of the first impact on first tower! This video helps me see that there is a correlation.

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