Homeless Man Stabbed as NYPD Cops Watch Uselessly

(FEDERALJACK)   Taken on Monday afternoon, 10-17-2011, in Harlem, the video shows a man stabbing a homeless man in the neck as cops look on. They will beat peaceful protesters yet do almost nothing when someone is being stabbed.


9 Responses to Homeless Man Stabbed as NYPD Cops Watch Uselessly

  • N-Y-P-D = C-O-W-A-R-D-S

    Check around and you’ll find that cops have access to Kevlar forearm protection sleeves, for knife protection.

  • Those cowards should be kicked off of the police force for dereliction of duty.

  • It’s obvious from this video and others Cops are afraid to loose their jobs. Knowing if they don’t follow orders keeping protesters suppressed they can be canned. Put in an interment life or death situation they don’t know how to respond. One officer is pointing a tazer at guy doing the stabbing but doesn’t fire. Any lesser situation and sparks would fly quickly. Hopefully at some point the majority of the cops will realize that they are part of the 99% as well and turn the tide by arresting the fat cat fraudulent Wall Streeters/Bankers.

  • These are the tards that protesters fear?? It will only take one coward backing down and the crowds will react instinctivly; like ravenous dogs in a a pack. These derelicts of society who’ve tacked a badge on their chest with hopes of intimidating and exerting their agression on all of society as revenge for their unhappy childhood would do themselves a great service by abandoning their posts before things get ugly.

  • The time has come to start kicking cops asses and only then they will understand the rage of the masses.

  • Wow, why is a gang of cops standing there like a bunch of pussies while a guy is getting stabbed & bleeding to death??? When a guy with a knife is on top of anther guy like that, you’ve got to jump in there & separate them!!! WTF???

  • How dare you bleed without a permit. Geeez.

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