Homeland Security Issuing Its Own DMCA Takedowns On YouTube To Stifle Speech

(TECH DIRT)   We recently wrote about the fight over copyright/fair use in political videos. In the comments, someone anonymous pointed us to a YouTube page including a typical takedown notice.. Here’s a screenshot.

This is actually the first time I can recall that I’ve seen a takedown that had “multiple” takedown notices. So it’s interesting that YouTube even has such an error message. But what really caught my attention was the second claimant listed. United States Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security? Issuing copyright takedowns? For what it’s worth, the commenter who submitted this pointed us to another video, which they claim is the same as what was taken down. I have no idea if it’s the same video or not, but it is some idiotic conspiracy mongering, taking one comment from a reporter completely out of context, and pretending President Obama said it, when he did not. I never understand conspiracy theories like that, but that’s really neither here nor there.

The real question is why is Homeland Security issuing takedowns? Works produced by the federal government, of course, can’t have copyright. However, it is possible for the government to hold copyrights — mainly if someone else gets it and assigns it to the government. So it’s possible that happened here, though it still seems like a strange move. If the video is the same as the other one pointed to, it’s just conspiracy theory claptrap, and I don’t see why DHS would even bother issuing a takedown.

But, even if we assume that the copyright itself and the takedown were legit, does this seem reasonable at all? Having a government agency directly using a copyright claim to take down a video? Especially when that group is DHS — in which national internet censor ICE exists. Giving it the power to censor videos too just seems like it’s going way too far. It’s not as if Homeland Security is going to bring the work “to market” to make money, so it’s not like there’s an “impact on the market” for the work. The only reason to issue the takedown — no matter how accurate the claim is — is to silence speech. A government organization using a government-granted monopoly to stifle speech may be all too common, but that doesn’t mean it should pass by unremarked upon.

I reached out to people at YouTube to see if they could explain why DHS appears to be issuing DMCA takedowns, and got back the equivalent of a “no comment.” I also reached out to Homeland Security, who at first seemed interested in looking into the details and then completely stopped responding to emails. Having not received further communication from them in over a week at this point, I’m just going with the post as is, in the hopes that maybe someone out there can explain why the federal government is using copyright to censor speech?


5 Responses to Homeland Security Issuing Its Own DMCA Takedowns On YouTube To Stifle Speech

  • We’re not talking about the "Federal government" per se, here. That’s gone. What we have is a psychopathic sociopath cabal that infiltrated our government. Have you noticed the "law" doesn’t apply to Obama like it should? Have you noticed the US attorney general is a low life scum gun runner, accessory to murder, and conspirator in the commission of the biggest fraud against the American people ever committed? The one that drafted and signed into law the NDAA? The one that supports al=Qaeda in Syria violating it’s own policy on "material support to terrorist organizations"? The one that bought 450 million rounds of jacketed hollow point ammo? That one? Want some coffee?

  • I invite all people who are concerned about this to get involved in "robust protest". Call it project Hydra, or "the white rose". Here’s an angle:


    Rub it in. Saturate them with the sickness of it.

  • Get involved with Robust Protest?

    Where does that get you? What good does that do?

    There have been protests all over, since BEFORE the U.S. attacked Iraq!

    And all you get is the treasonous cops using their strong right arm and arresting everything that moves.

    No. YOu have to go into Civil Disobedience Mode, now. And start planning for when the shtf.. THAT"S what the scum is bringing down on We, THE People.

    Get natural seeds for planting. Stop spreading weeding killer or insect poison on your lawns. Start think Local Currencies. Goods and Services. Ways to cooperate
    and work with your Community. Local Councils, and order and discipline. Get into survival MOde, then beyond, to Thrive.

  • Time for a syndicated television program called "BUSTED" those show the takedown, arrest, trial and conviction of those in authority who commit crimes against those they have sworn an oath to protect i.e., cops that molest, rape, rob, extort, pedal influence, deal drugs, sell guns, traffick in humans, pass on child porn, and judges who take graft, aid corporations in making money by convicting people and sending them to jail to make money in kickbacks; defense contractors who sell armaments to our soldiers and the enemy, etc. Get it? Time to expose those who break their own laws……

  • We live in a police state!
    Pure and simple!


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