Help protect the Oath Keepers from the Pentagon

OATH KEEPERS LOGO 2(EXAMINER)   Recently, we looked at the possibility that the Pentagon, in order to allay misguided (if not deliberately fabricated) fears that the Oath Keepers are a dangerous “extremist” organization, would ban service members’ participation in the group.  The Constitution’s staunchest defenders, in other words, would be treated in the same way as would a member of the KKK, or a supporter of Hezbollah.

Per the Associated Press:

The Pentagon may reconsider rules governing participation in extremist organizations that some lawmakers say appear outdated and too narrow in light of the shooting rampage at the Army base in Texas.

Lieberman said Congress may recommend such a review, and a Pentagon spokesman said Friday that the rules could be among the policies scrutinized by a wide-ranging inquiry aimed at preventing another similar attack.

Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center would loudly applaud a broadening of the definition of “extemist organization,” so as to include the Oath Keepers, asevidenced by this statement:

Oath Keepers, the military and police organization that was formed earlier this year and held its April muster on Lexington Green, may be a particularly worrisome example of the Patriot revival.

Leave it to the SPLC to find a revival of patriotism “worrisome.”

The Oath Keepers have vowed to risk their careers, and perhaps their very freedom, in order to protect our liberty.  If they face attack from the Pentagon, it is only right that we do what we can to protectthem.

“But what,” you may ask, “can we do to help them?”  Glad you asked.  There’s something that the DoD fears more than the growing Chinese military, the resurgent Russian military, and a nuclear-armed Iran–combined: budget cuts.  Get a few members of Congress–particularly defense budget committee members–involved, and the Pentagon becomes downright eager to please.

There’s recent precedent for this.  Back in the spring, the DoD suddenly changed its policy for disposal of used cartridge brass, which had been sold to ammunition makers for “remanufacture” into inexpensive ammunition.  Under the changed policy, the cartridge brass would be shredded, and useful only as scrap.  This would have exacerbated what at the time was a pretty dire shortage of ammunition (particularly in popular calibers–which also happen to be military calibers–like 9mm Parabellum and 5.56x45mm), adversely affecting both private citizens and police departments–andwasting taxpayers’ money.

So gun rights organizations–and gun owners–got involved.  We got in our Senators’ and Representatives’ ears–and we prevailed.  Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester wrote a letter(pdf file) to the Defense Logistics Agency, and voilà–the policy was rescinded.

Congress members always claim to be loyal to the Constitution (well, except for Nancy “Are you serious?” Pelosi)–let’s give them a chance to show some evidence of that loyalty, by supporting those who have sworn–repeatedly–to defend the Constitution.  Tell them that you want them to demand that the Pentagon not allow the Ft. Hood atrocity to degenerate into a witch hunt that ends with the Oath Keepers as the “witch.”  If you live in a district represented by a member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, or the House version, your voice might make an even larger difference.

It’s worth a call and/or an email, isn’t it?

15 Responses to Help protect the Oath Keepers from the Pentagon

  • So a non-violent group professing their adherence of the U.S. constitution is now considered an extremist group? It seems that the SPLC and others forget that these patriot groups are PEACEFUL and do not advocate violence, just preparation. After all, if all these conspiracies are false we have nothing to worry about, right?

  • Non-violent my ass. The leader of this paramilitary group was on Chris Matthews and caem off as a Bona Fide Nut. Sorry that you don’t like the Election Results, but a bunch of Armed Nuts goind around proclaiming themselves “Guardians of the Republic” sounds like an extremist group to me. I think you do those that serve and have served a great disservice by promoting your half-assed brand of Domestic Terrorism and wrapping it in a flag. Concentration Camps? Hessians? Is there a way you can explain yourselves without seeming like a bunch of nuts?

    I’ll go with the SPLC and heed thier warning before I’ll listen to a bunch of half wits that would turn against thier own country.

  • Your first prob is you know nothing of history or the constitution, your second is you watch chris mathews. Keep drinking the kool aide, its all ok, your government is here to protect you. You will be the first one on a FEMA train, enjoy camp…send a postcard.

  • Let me know when the UFOs land, or when the Black Helicopters come to “enslave” us.
    I know enough about History and the Constitution to know Traitors when I see them, and enough about psychology to know lunatics when I hear them ranting as well.

    So let me get this straight: You’re “loyal” soldiers that are against the Government?

    Sure. Ok. So who’s the real bankroller? Aryan Brotherhood or KKK? NRA? RNC?

    Also: You’re going to try to get me to “fight for my freedom” and then tell me what I can watch on TV?

  • All the people want are the criminals responsible for the almost
    overnight destruction of our coumtry. brought to justice.
    How do we do this, we need to encourage and hope and pray, our
    public servents are on the job, and they have our full support.
    Yes, I do believe we have Oath Keepers in the country right now,
    and would very much like to think these are the real mccoy.
    I don’t question it either way, but if they need our help
    blow the horns, and in turn we will come, but please don’t just
    roll down the roads in numbers scaring people with no warning.

  • Your hopeless, its cool, like I said…send me a postcard from Camp FEMA

  • Gee, who would have thought that electing a black president would bring out every nutcase in the country? What a shocker.

  • Oh god….more retarded racism claims, when all else fails revert to racism……..FAIL


    Real Oath Keeper: Real Homeland Defense

    Become a member of one of the largest, fastest growing groups of Active Duty, Retired Veterans, Law Enforcement, and civilian alike; who have affirmed their oath to stand against tyranny in our homeland.

  • Bob –

    It’s not about a black president. It’s about any political party that does not adhere to and uphold the Constitution when the government gives orders for federal officials, i.e…military, or other countries and their military, when directed to force non constitutional laws on the American people. Based on your prior comments, you believe that if any political party ordered federal officers to disobey the oath of the constitution they took in order to harm the American people and our rights, that this order would be okay ? You’ve lost it man ! The Oath Keepers are American patriots to the core and would never do anything to force non constitutional laws on the American citizens, that’s what it all about. We are a peacful group who believe in our great country and her constitutional laws for peace, prosperity and freedom………nice try though bob, at least now the Oath Keepers know who they can and can’t count on.

  • The problem with people like “bob” is that they’ve fallen victim to the falsely-hyped left-right paradigm intended to do nothing more than distract the peasants from the real issues you don’t see reported in the media. If he knew ANYTHING of history or the Constitution, he would understand that organizations like Oath-Keepers and their promises to uphold Constitutional values goes directly in line with our revolutionary patriots who stood up against the oppression of King George. Sheep like “bob” are being desensitized by the media and an oppressive government at a slow enough pace that drastic changes don’t seem so drastic…akin to the frog in a boiling pot of water–gradually increase the heat and he doesn’t realize he’s being boiled to death. We’ve seen our freedoms systematically chipped away since 9/11, and it’s getting to the point that people think they’re free because they can simply wake up, go work for the man 12 hours a day, then go home, take care of their family and watch evening brain-washing propaganda on the boob-tube. And then it ALWAYS goes back to race, even though these people forget that those of us criticizing our “black” pres are the same ones who also bashing Dubya. This is a clear indicator of the decay of our society. There are very few of us patriots left……

  • There must be something wrong with “Bob”. He must either be really ignorant, or he has never served in any military or law enforement capacity. Please Bob go back to your couch (After you’ve had your H1N1 shot) and continue to watch Chris Mathew, and let the big boys handle saving our Republic.

  • Does anyone else notice that “Bob” is the only one name-calling, and doesn’t seem to be able to back up his own argument? I think that is what you resort to when you are losing and don’t have anything of real substance or intelligence to say.

  • Using a dry cutter eliminates messy wet slurry. Back to back models can be positioned facing front, facing backwards or towards each other.

  • Do you hear yourself, Bob?

    So let me get this straight: You’re “loyal” soldiers that are against the Government?”

    You are doing nothing less than putting the government above the people. Do you remember what the Constitution says about this? Please read it back.
    The people’s right have been chipped away at for many year to the point that we have to pay 45%tax on everything we own. Is that freedom?
    Even the kids get arrested for having a lemonade stand on the street.
    Is that what you want for your kids?
    The Government is suppose to serve us,we are not suppose to serve the government.

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