Heartbreaking photo shows the grief of a dog owner moments after police shoot dead her friendly family pet

(DAILY MAIL)   This devastating photo tells the tragic story of a family dog, shot dead by a police officer as he pursued a robbery suspect on Sunday.

Monkey got caught up in the chaos of a foot pursuit along Hodges Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana as officers chased teens believed to have beaten a man in a mall parking lot before stealing his car which they then abandoned.

The dog was in a back yard on the street when she heard the commotion and ran out through an open gate.

One of the officers involved in the chase apparently thought that Monkey was attacking and opened fired on her.

Monkey’s distress owner, Delores Crochet, witnessed one of the shots being fired and said that neighbours told her of the three others.

‘He was shooting down like this,’ Crochet told kplctv.com, gesturing toward the ground.


5 Responses to Heartbreaking photo shows the grief of a dog owner moments after police shoot dead her friendly family pet

  • The police are getting worse each day and very dangerous .

  • next time keep your damn gate shut. am I supposed to sue the drive of a car that kills my kid when he runs out of an open gate into the street? cmon now.

  • John Rivera, The suspects ran through the womans property and left the woman s gate opened as they were running from the cops won’t you watch the news clip.. Cmon now!!

  • John Rivera is a douche bag cop looking for excuses. Cops are way too silly nilly with their weapons.

  • Police take an oath to serve & protect but that’s not their attitude. Just recently, again, a homeowner answered their door & was shot to death by the cops who were AT THE WRONG ADDRESS! AGAIN, WRONG ADDRESS! Mailmen encounter dogs every day of their working life & don’t have to shoot dogs. Police are out of control & I blame a lot of it on the drug war, our rights have been nibbled away at for our own security, they tell us. People need to stand up & take back America!

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