(LARRY SINCLAIR)  I am somewhat confused over the Obama administrations recent firing of the US Afghanistan Commander and replacing him with a General who knowingly and intentionally filed and forwarded false reports in the Tillman death.

What amazes me even more is Obama’s claims that Afghanistan is where we need to be. Has America forgotten that Russia was engaged in a war with the Taliban in Afghanistan for 9 years and was beaten into withdrawing their forces?

The Soviet war in Afghanistan, also known as the Soviet-Afghan War or just the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, was a nine-year conflict involvingSoviet forces supporting the Marxist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA)government against the mujahideenresistance. The latter group found support from a variety of sources including the United States,Saudi ArabiaPakistan and other Muslimnations in the context of the Cold War. This conflict was concurrent to the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the Iran–Iraq War.


Can anyone explain Obama’s desire to continue to order armed attacks inside the borders of Pakistan killing innocent citizens when Pakistan is a sovereign nation?

A commenter “TJ” say’s that the use of the term “murder” is hyperbolizing when addressing the Obama ordered attacks that killed innocent Pakistani citizens, yet isn’t that the same term Bush opponents used to describe his actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? Why is it “hyperbole” when we are talking about Obama and its not when talking about Bush? Either way both are responsible for the murder of innocent Pakistani civilians.

Let us not be so quick to jump on the Obama bandwagon in Afghanistan without first remembering the YEARS that Russian forces were in that country fighting and getting beat back until they withdrew altogether. Is the US destined to follow in the footsteps of Russia when it comes to Afghanistan?



  • has america forgotten that afghanistan beat the USSR? not at all. you are forgetting that America was helping afghanistan (Osama Bin Ladin, taliban) and at the same time Soviet Union was gong through tough economic times. also the taliban had the home field advantage with the mountain terrain, the soviets could not adjust to the different terrain and ultimately backed out. in my opinion, Obama is correct in the sense that if there should be a war in the middle east against terror, it should be in afghanistan instead of iraq. we would not be following the same path as the Soviets since the soviets wanted complete control of Afghanistan. America’s objective is to get rid of the taliban and leave.

  • What i fail to understand and obviously what America fails to understand is that while as so many Americans claim they are the superior power in the world! They can have the biggest most powerful forces on the planet but if the people dont want them they can never win plus they also fail to understand that if they cant see the people they are fighting and they are fighting people who are prepared to give up their life for what they believe how on earth do they expect to win?

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