Hard Drives in computers the Ultimate Spying Machine that can be used against you

Author: Silence DoGood

You can be a newbie to computers or a advanced IT Expert, Technician or even a hacker but many don’t even realize that their computers are already an ultimate spy machine for the U.S. Government, State Governments and their forensics departments (SBI, FBI, CIA, Private Intelligence Agencies). Who needs to plant bugs or GPS tracking devices when you have the suspects hard drives from their computer by using a search and seizure raid on just something as simple as being accused of a computer crime or even downloading illegal material whether it’s true or not. Even after the Virginia Tech Shooting and other major criminal incidents, the police or FBI or even the SBI always talk about wanting to come for the suspects computer equipment and hard drives to send to forensics to investigate their entire life history through the usage of the computer with the hard drive used for data storage. It’s all there!!!

Hard Drives are basically a High Density magnetic medium using tiny bits to encode and decode information, for simpler terms it is like writing files and reading files from a computer unit. Every hard drive doesn’t give you access to it’s full memory but holds off a fraction that is not user accessible which also likely holds data on our digital activities. In addition the hard drives use a form of magnetic to where no matter how many overwrites you use on a hard drive to coverup confidential and sensitive, embarrassing, or even material that you don’t want the world to know you have whatever the reason may be, the data can still be recovered at a forensics lab or even some expensive Data recovery company that is hell bent on obtaining personal information knowing they can blackmail people for profits. Well whats the problem, what do you have to hide? It does sound like it is over the top paranoid in this article but the experts such as Peter Gutmann admit that hard drives that are wiped with certain methods can always have it’s Data recovered using certain magnetic analyzing technology. All the police have to do is claim you committed a “computer crime” and they will have the legal ability to use forensic recovery units to find all your lifes history, any embarrassing photos and videos you taken with your boyfriend or girlfriend and yes that also includes cell phones so any horny young teenage guy or girl could become the next bust for child pornography, top secret and confidential legal attorney/client documents and that also includes top secret government and military documents, and even your entire web history and can even move on to what organizations you belong to and chatter with. The question is why does the government want us all to have computers, to spy on us and keep tabs on our entire Internet and computer history. Since people stupidly chat on Twitter and Facebook about all the things they do such as cooking to partying, all their activities are being archived and cataloged to each individual and since most profiles are public anybody can archive your information to use against you later on. It is even discovered through attending a autism meeting that many autistic people including children accidentally get into pornography when the parents installed no filter and end up getting caught on pornography charges (Laws prohibiting people under the age of 18 and in some cases the age of 21 from viewing adult pornography) which are very hard to drop in court which means juvenile prison. More teenagers and children to be brought up and raised under the Juvenile Prison Industrial Complex!!!! Whoever thought people can be arrested over what we do privately with their boyfriends and girlfriends and in some cases looking at a few digital photos is all it takes to go to the slammer whether there is a harmful intent or not. That is why it is a popular method of setting somebody up and that is setting somebody up for child pornography charges because it is nearly impossible to get out of them and ruins their life and reputation.

All of our activities whether it is posting photos of your family on Flickr, emails you receive and send, whatever documents and other files you create, being involved with non-mainstream religions whatever your beliefs are, being involved with hack tools, being involved with file-sharing or even downloading warez material, and any other digital activity ever conducted is all stored on the hard drive and impossible to completely erase by normal conventional erasing software.

First method that can be used by the forensics team is simple software and MFT Data recovery tools to find all the files both deleted under the MFT and even data that is lost due to MFT corruption by seeking out the file type signature, every file type ever made has a distinct signature or header that identifies the file type, and recovering the data based on the signature. Second method that forensic technicians use is Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) and even Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) or even Magnetic Tunneling Microscopy (STM). No matter what method of recovery, magnetic recovery is the far worst privacy invasion since the leaks of classified government documents via Wikileaks. Peter Gutmann, the same Computer Science expert that created the Gutmann erasing method (35 passes overwrite) that is used in almost every hard drive erasing software not limited to Active@ Killdisk erasing tool, conducted a study and whitepaper titled “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory” (PDF) which concluded that “it is effectively impossible to sanitize storage locations by simple overwriting them, no matter how many overwrite passes are made or what data patterns are written. However by using the relatively simple methods presented in this paper the task of an attacker can be made significantly more difficult, if not prohibitively expensive.” Of course with the SBI and FBI fueled with the need to be champions of justice they will spend lots of money to recover the erased data no matter how expensive it is since they can just take more and more tax payers money through the IRS thugs. Reminds me of that movie “No Way Out!” where a Pentagon high-up had a photo taken I think with some Russian spy and the photo was ruined but the Pentagon had a forensics method of restoring the photograph as evidence then used to prosecute him for possible espionage.

I even heard that when the authorities take computers by a court order, they say that they can find anything on it, time stamps, your life history, all of your life ever on a computer, can be examined by the State Bureau of Investigation or even the Federal Bureau of Investigation via their crime labs. They can even plant material on the hard drive since it is pretty easy to manipulate the timestamps, hack somebodies password protected or even public Wifi, mix somebodies DNA with a rape and/or murder victim sample for analysis which the charges can only be thrown out with a very good alibi or getting the forensics expert to admit to setting somebody up which will never happen of course, and internet histories can be fabricated by altering the hex data and even with computer virtualization technologies such as VMWare and other tools.

Heck look what they did to Brandon Raub for the crime of making 9/11 inside job and other political statements on his Facebook profile. People saying anything that possibly sounds like some threat against the US President warrants a secret service visit and could maybe even a hard drive seizure if they desire it.

People should be concerned at the fact that hard drives, RAM Cards, and other memory storage devices were on purposely created to not only store your data but to also violate your privacy with a backdoor that can allow deleted and even erased (DOD, Russian Ghost, Gutmann, One Pass Zeros, One Pass Random, other erasing methods) data to be recovered and accessible. If that is not apart of a major spying surveillance system being set-up then what is? Windows saves all file accesses and program histories with MRU, and possible other file access histories of files opened up. Every web page visited whether encrypted or not saves information which piles up overtime when not deleted which can be impossible to get rid of without overwriting it in the exact same data spot with conventional files to overcome the MFM’s ability to recover data erased by conventional hard drive erasing procedures.

The solution really is to be careful on anything you do in your computer and cell phone, be careful when your political because somebody from forensics can set you up for computer crimes or even of murder, and when erasing be aware that you have to copy all your normal everyday files into the hard drive after erasure for a best chance at destroying any chance of recovery of what data you were hoping to erase if that is even possible. Be aware that when your hard drive stores your personal information even after deletion and erasure then it is meant to keep your computer history stored for any police or government agency to look at will especially under the Patriot Act.

Even when you delete you are not deleting the data but just a MFT reference to the file along with the timestamps. Of course when you erase with any pattern all the forensic has to do is figure out what erasing pattern you used and then start the recovering process through magnetic imaging of the drive disk platters. If anything when you first buy a computer your better off first-hand encrypting the entire hard drive with TrueCrypt’s System/Partition Encryption and use a very complex password so that on every bootup you can use a operating system that is more secure and when data is deleted or even erased it will be impossible to recover since MFM usually relies on unencrypted RAW Data and even if they tried to break the password to use forensics to find the deleted/erased file, it was erased on the encryption side which means just the encrypted data changes a bit and since that happens it didn’t disappear on the outside using a normal overwrite procedure so it is no doubt that having your entire operating system and hard drive encrypted would be the best practice to data security. As for your autistic children please for goodness sake use a filter software to block all forms of pornography so that your child doesn’t get caught then forced to go through hell just for getting a little too curious. As for any teenagers you raise in your family, please keep tabs on their cell phone so if they take any photos of themselves you can delete them to prevent your son and daughter from ending up on a sex offender registry. As for the average computer user this article serves as a warning to all of you that anything you do on your computer can be accessed and data profiles and histories are set up on everybody especially with Facebook and Twitter.

8 Responses to Hard Drives in computers the Ultimate Spying Machine that can be used against you

  • Granted that virtually EVERY encryption and other similar program since IBM created the modern computer has a back door of some kind, this is exactly why I don’t trust any of sort of program anymore. Why really bother when it’s excruciatingly difficult to make any such serious damage to your own data should you get caught by the Law for probable made up charges against you? Especially when all they have to do is use very expensive technologies that are pretty damn good at what they do to totally invade your private life on your computer.

    Silence Dogood really does bring up a good point about certain pieces of data can be manipulated to make you look like the bad guy that the cops are really after. Totally innocent of your computer crime or crimes? Yeah you are but meh. The cops need someone to blame and a brand new slave for the privatized prison system, have fun with your horrible horrible fate, computer crime victim! The Government can use EVERY prohitively expensive method at their disposal because they’re fuckin’ rich! They have unlimited funds while you the victim probably have VERY limited funds and like a growing number of us broke ass people, NO money whatsoever to fight a legal/court fight so as far as the legal system’s concerned, if you don’t hire a lawyer you "Default" and you’re totally in the hands of the Court. Meaning you LOSE EVERYTHING in an instant. I just realized that this is probably yet another "prong" in the multi prong attack on all of our possessions, rights, and whatnot. Ugh!

  • Really? Wow! This is amazingly horrible! Hmmm, this is quite interesting! Thanks for sharing this article!

  • The obvious solution is to migrate to new hard drives periodically and utterly destroy the old ones.

  • It’s not exactly as bad as this article makes it sound. First off, it does matter how many times it’s been overwritten. Overwriting data once is enough to keep it safe from most efforts. With a magnetometric microscope there’s a small chance of partial recovery, but it’s slim. That having been said, there are programs out there that allow you to overwrite data dozens of times, which makes recovery impossible… period.

    If you really are that paranoid about the government finding incriminating data, the easiest way to prevent it is to use a free program called Trucrypt to encrypt your system drive. Truecrypt encrypted volumes are not crackable. The FBI tried for a year to crack one confiscated from a drug lord, and failed. Encrypting your entire hard drive is overkill, but if you’re really worried about it, it’s not all that difficult, so you might as well.

    Hacking into computer systems that are properly secured is very hard. The reason you hear about hackers successfully hacking government and corporate computer networks is because sometimes they get lazy and leave openings. If you want to keep your data safe, just follow remedial instructions on how to protect yourself posted on any security website. Make sure you run a firewall, make sure you run an antivirus, don’t download email attachments from people you don’t know, don’t download computer programs and games from places you don’t trust, don’t download pirated software, and scan your harddrive periodically for viruses and other malware. As far as the government kicking in your door and taking your stuff, truecrypt has proven itself as a privacy tool, and to access your files, they practically have to catch you accessing them and drag you away quickly to stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting a look. (a clever way to help this is to plug your machine into an outlet controlled by a light switch, if there’s a knock on the door, hit the switch, the system powers off, only you can access your system again.)

  • Never leave your real personal data/identity or related data on a computer which is used to surf the Internet. Banking internet access when the bank does not provide hardware for encryption is rubbish.

    If you download or if you are involved in semi legal stuff then consider a VPN connection which gives you for five bucks a month extra a peace of mind.

    Try to configure virtual machines (VMware, Virutalbox and the like). The host system can be equipped with an extra firewall and yes use linux on top of Windows/Mac etc.. If your Virtual Machine gets infected you can just copy a clean one you have stored on an external hard drive. Tired of installing every time when your hardware breaks or you buy a new computer which comes with a new Operation System? Than give it a thought. Virtual Machines are the way to go.

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