Gunston Hall CO fired, former XO, CMC punished

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(MILITARY TIMES)   NORFOLK, Va. — The skipper of the dock landing ship Gunston Hall was fired Thursday, and the executive officer and command master chief were punished following an investigation into charges that ranged from sexual harassment and simple assault to drunk and disorderly conduct. All of the charges stemmed from conduct during the ship’s deployment that ended in early July.

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One Response to “Gunston Hall CO fired, former XO, CMC punished”
  1. RobertK says:

    Wow this is not a good situation. It is good for the crew to know that leadership is being held responsible but I wonder how long this stuff went on before they finally did something about it? Was it years and now they finally got caught or was it more recent? And the 20 hour days comment is outrageous and to me means lack of leadership. Were they at war? If so then ok you do what you have to… but if they were not at war, then the 20 hours days is dicey. Hmmm…

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