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Hit the Travel Industry where it hurts; Its pocket! Let’s Regain our 4th Amendment rights!

Stepped-up security screening at airports in the wake of foiled terrorism plots has provoked an outcry from airline pilots and travelers, including parents of children who say they are too intrusive. (Reuters)

Since the inception of the porn scanners at our airports the Freedom Movement at large has been up in arms about it; blogging, commenting, and making the case for the unconstitutionality, backwardness and ineffectiveness of such intrusive electronic searches and intimate pat downs.

Recently, pilot Michael Roberts posted a letter at “Pilot to TSA:  No Groping Me and NO Naked Photos“” which went on to be picked up by the Main Stream Media and became viral, inspiring a larger wave of indignant articles from the MSM and the Freedom Movement.  Michael also inspired the Allied Pilot Association to join the protest.

Dave Bates -Allied Pilot Association “Backscatter AIT devices now being deployed produce ionizing radiation, which could be harmful to your health,” ”Requiring pilots to go through the AIT [naked body scanner] means additional radiation exposure. I share our pilots’ concerns about this additional radiation exposure and plan to recommend that our pilots refrain from going through the AIT. We already experience significantly higher radiation exposure than most other occupations, and there is mounting evidence of higher-than-average cancer rates as a consequence.”

The Grassroots has started many initiatives to boycott the travel industry and protest the Porn Scanners.  The, as usual, has been a meeting place for activist to promote their efforts, currently promoting “National Naked Opt-Out Day Nov. 24,”  from

Gigi Bowman of and Save Long Island is currently organizing the protest at Kennedy Airport in NYC on National Opt-Out Day on Nov 24, in addition to collaborating with the Liberty Candidates to make the TSA, and the threats to the 4th Amendment, a priority on their next run, which they are already strategizing  for.

The Tea Party local forums and websites are starting to light up with activity preparing the protests at their airports.  The discussions are full of mentions of the 4th Amendment and how important it is for the States to regain their rights in securing their transportation.

Back in 2006 pro-Liberty think tank,, was already exposing the TSA as an “Stalinist Creation” by then President Bush, and with articles like “The Economics of Flying”

“It’s hard to know which Bush policies – every day, another disaster – will most immortalize this administration. But on this day, in this hour, I’m going to suggest that his name should be forever mud for his catastrophic decision to nationalize airline security…” … “The essence of the TSA seems to be to put rude people in costumes, earning their salary by making sure to add as much hassle and discomfort as possible to your trip, between you and your trip. And the airlines whole-heartedly supported it.”

Mike Adams has been at the forefront of exposing the health dangers from the radiation exposure at his website

Anti NWO site is probably the site that has given the most coverage to this issue, even from  before the porn-scan apparatuses were deployed. Their sister website, lists the most blatant abuses on this article “TSA Groping Out of Control

All this grassroots reporting has led to the Old Media picking up the story after so many organizations have been inspired to protest:

New York Times “In recent weeks, representatives from the International Air Transport Association, the U.S. Travel Association, the Allied Pilots Association and British Airways have criticized the T.S.A., saying it adds intrusive and time-consuming layers of scrutiny at airport checkpoints, without effectively addressing legitimate security concerns,”

It’s clear that the Freedom Movement’s New Media has rallied their activists to focus their indignation and write to the travel industry directly to protest and threaten a boycott of their industry. As we can see below, it is this targeted, focused and goal oriented effort that gets results. Congratulations to the info-warriors and all the activists who joined in this email writing effort; this is YOUR BIG WIN!

Even the Drudge Report -with over two million readers per day- has posted as its header and in huge letters this article:


Reuters: “We have received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from travelers vowing to stop flying,” said Geoff Freeman, an executive vice president of the U.S. Travel Association, which set up the meeting with the Obama administration officials.

“You can’t talk on the one hand about creating jobs in this country and getting this economy back on track and on the other hand discourage millions of Americans from flying, which is the gateway to commerce,”

This is proof that the Freedom Movement activists and its New Media has an oversize influence on the Old Media, and therefore in US Policy when it focuses on the correct targets.  In this case it has been the Travel industry and its dependence on our money.  The Gunverment will delete our emails and throw out our letters, but private enterprise WILL listen to Americans when they threaten a further drop to their bottom line.   As the old saying goes… “money talks….”

  • ONE person can inspire a nation with one act of bravery. Thank you Michael!
  • Freedom Movement blogs are the NEW media.  Thank you editors!
  • And a WELL FOCUSED effort that targets the correct areas and their bottom line will be succesful.
  • It is money that makes the world go around.

We hope that you are inspired to join on the protests at the US Airports on November 24th, and that you broaden the impact of this grassroots efforts to regain our rights by boycotting the Travel Industry and the airlines.  Here are some letters from for inspiration:

Dear Hawaiian Airlines…

I recently moved to Waikiki and I love getting to and from the islands on any one of Hawaiian Air’s planes. Your customer service is great and flying with you is a generally pleasant experience.

However, there’s a problem. Getting to your gates is somewhat of a hassle. You see, I either have to submit to a machine-generated strip search or undergo a rather vigorous groping by a TSA agent. What the hell?

Flying used to be magical to me. I remember flying to Canada when I was just six years old. That was THE experience of my then still short lifetime. We used to be able to check in, hand over our baggage, and just saunter to the gates without being stopped and harassed by a Federal agent.

Strip-searches are usually reserved for prison inmates suspected of carrying contraband. Are we arrestees? No! We’re ordinary Americans merely trying to see an old friend, attend a business meeting, or just trying to get somewhere for an enjoyable vacation. Grandma in the wheelchair or that double amputee with the prosthetics are hardly a terrorist threat.

Dear Delta…

Gary Cottingham wrote the following to Delta Airlines:

due to the tsa’s current use of the irradiation scanners–i like to refer to them as porno scanners–i have been opting out of being exposed to the x-rays and refuse to expose myself in a virtual strip-search.  the images produced by these scanners are pornographic and if a minor, certainly violate the spirit of child pornography laws.

i believe that the tsa is now retaliating against those of us who opt out by doing their ‘enhanced’ pat downs–basically a disgusting groping exercise if you will.

as long as your airline tacitly approves of this violation of my 4th amendment rights i will be driving more and flying less.


Gary L. Cottingham

Dear Southwest and Alaska Airlines…

JC Warren writes: “Using their respective web sites, I sent the following message to both Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines which are the two I typically use:”

Flying with Southwest Airlines is a pleasure, but getting to the plane is a total pain. I don’t fly much and won’t be flying at all until the TSA changes its “security” tactics. I refuse to submit to a virtual strip search or a sexual assault by some government goon. I have every confidence that your airlines could do a much better job of ensuring the safety of flights than the boobs at the TSA. Please make every effort to reign in the tyrannical behavior of the TSA. And if you’re feeling especially customer service oriented, you could lobby (hard) for the total elimination of this ludicrous federal agency. Thank you.

Dear Jet Blue…

Hi, my name is Nicole. I’m a hard working US citizen and I feel that our rights are being violated and taken away from us at record breaking speeds. Last night, I got to thinking about an upcoming flight I’m taking. The thought of the overly-intrusive pat downs and virtual strip searches of the new scanners made me go into a panic attack.

I’m now reaching out to the CEO and CFO of Jet Blue for help. The airline company leaders are the ones that can make a real difference in helping simple Americans gain their rights and dignity back.

Nicole’s Video Message to Jet Blue:

An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company

Robert A. Iger
President & C.E.O.
Walt Disney Co.
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Dear Mr. Iger,

I am writing for your advice about how to best enjoy a great Walt Disney World experience with the new prohibitive TSA/commercial airlines “security” shenanigans.

My wife and I have two children (one strapping 14 year old boy and our beautiful little girl, 12). They would just love to go to Disney World and we would love to take them – but now we don’t know how to get there!

Please allow me to graphically explain. On the way to Disney World at the airport, United States government agents now force children and their parents to make a difficult choice between:

1. a dose of ionizing radiation concentrated almost entirely on your skin to create a nude image on the government’s computer screen. They call this Whole Body Imaging, or WBI. Please see attached sample image of a male subject, also here. Note that the detail of the image, even before zooming in, allows the viewer to see that the glans is uncircumcised.

2. a government agent using his gloved fingers to grope/frisk/probe the exterior of the child’s entire clothed body (including inspection of private parts) in order to ascertain the same detail of information as the WBI would have done (see above). They call this Enhanced Pat-down.

3. police escort to interrogation by TSA security as to your reasons for refusing the above two choices…followed by confirmation that you did not verbally abuse any government agents…followed by being permitted to turn around and go home.

As you can imagine, none of these choices appeals to us. Other than a fleet of Disney private planes or opening scaled-down Disney World resorts all across the country, how do you recommend that paying customers get to your resorts if decent caring for their children now prohibits them from using commercial airlines?

Now that you are aware that children must submit to nude photography or inspection of private parts in order to enjoy the Disney experience (and on the way home), your silence on this issue may be seen by many as passive agreement with this new pathway to your business, which I am sure is not the case.

Please confirm.

Arthur M.M. Krolman

The Daily Tea Party is a website tasked with Educating the Tea Party on Constitutional principles and the philosophy of Freedom ahead of the 2012 elections.  We hope that you join us in our efforts by posting our articles at the Tea Party websites, and around the net.

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