Government mental Illness: We must arrest children to protect them from pedos

kids are sex offenders now

Image sourced from and modified under creative commons to create the realistic satirical image showing the reality in a satirical way.

Author: Ben Franklin

Note: There are sarcastic remarks in this article so I am just warning you I am not defending kids being victimized by the criminal injustice system. I am not defending kids being brutalized by police and prosecutors then thrown into prison to be abused and demonized. I am making a point into how ridiculous these laws are being used for since real pedophiles aren’t being targeted anymore since they are getting into top positions in government across the planet. The people whom are mostly being targeted are innocents, reporters, activists, politicians, political staffers, and children. These satanic pieces of filth actually believe victimizing children will stop pedophilia, making kids registered sex offenders with their home address published so that pedophiles can come to their home to break in and rape them, and all that will protect the children. What a joke!!!!! It is no different then hearing how in one part of Africa, women’s private parts were being cut into with sharp knifes and stuff to destroy their sexual organs to deter rape there. Same with this, the argument is kids must be victimized so that we can stop all the pedophiles that are in the catholic church and the pentagon on record which never get in trouble. What a disgusting joke our system has become, let’s victimize whom we are supposed to protect from the bad guys. I am all for protecting children from child exploitation and abuse but some of these raids and some of what the FBI, ICE, and these government agencies are doing has gone too far and needs to be curtailed until the government sets a boundary that will not target the innocence of kids and adults. Target the guilty and not the innocence! Target the pedophiles not the children that is all I ask why I write this dark satire saying from a sick globalist’s perspective how wonderful the sex offender registry is how it can be used for child abuse since your forced to publish your home address once on the sex offender registry. This registry is now really a nightmare that is going beyond simply targeting pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists. It is now a weapon, a tool by law enforcement to hurt whomever they want. If they don’t like a teenage brat then charge her with child porn and then she kills herself from the humiliation from her peers then being told she will be kicked out of school just like what happened to Andrew Rose. This is starting to get so redicilous maybe I shouldn’t have written this satire and just written a real article with all the sick stuff these elite fantasize about while we all are victims of their hypocrisy and tyranny. I meant to add the depress part because it is depressing to have to talk about this subject but bare the negativity as people are brainwashed by the police thinking the police only target child predators and don’t target the good guys, oh **** they target the innocent people as the predators have joined the police and got themselves into high positions, but awwww each police officer has a family and has to provide for them so they have to go along with tyranny in order to provider for their family. The minute I am ordered to arrest and demonize a preteen or teenager I quit the force and join another police department with any sanity left in it.

Subject: Sick and dark satire mixed with truth from a concerned and depressed news reporter

According to all the countless criminal court cases on children which include preteens and teens accused of downloading child porn off of P2P networks due to Operation Flicker, teens and preteens being arrested for sexting or sending their own produced material for their boyfriend or girlfriend, and little children being added on sex offender registries that were meant only for rapists and child predators, what does all this tell you.

What you see in the YouTube video is one out of many news articles and even videos all proving that preteens, teens, and even kids as young as 9 years old that got too curious all need to be put on sex offender registries to stop the pedophiles. According to the mental illness exhibited by both police and the feds including state corruption, all children must become sex offenders if any of them become sexually active or curious. When going through puberty they must become sex offenders and the laws exist to do it. Sorry for talking like a evil child victimizing globalist but I am just explaining to you the mindset of these mentally ill people working for the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) task force and Operation Flicker. They won’t just make your teenage daughter or son a sex offender a SWAT team will raid your little girls house and take all computers then arrest the daughter and make her a felon before she even reaches 15 years old, haha.

It has got so nasty that state house lawmakers in certain states had to change(Fox News, KPTV) the state laws to ensure that kids don’t become sex offenders however the local prosecutors can also make the case federal so that can made 5 years on every self produced child porn image from the child herself or himself. Then give this preteen girl over 40 years in federal prison for sending a photo to her boyfriend, oops you stupid criminal little girl your now ours in the prisons, hahaha.

You gotta see the mental illness that police are now exhibiting in the War on Child Porn or the War on Porn, which is not a war on real child molesters and pedophiles. It is a war on you and your family, a war on you and your child. If your a parent you should watch your kids surfing habits and downloading habits closely because if a FBI undercover agent lures your 13 girl into downloading child porn, your daughter will be a victim of the sex offender records system and go to prison possibly for life which is wonderful to see these children abused by the system because it is to protect little children from possible pedophiles. Heck the police and prosecuting attorneys even get paid for all the prosecutions and arrests they make not only meeting the monthly arrest quotas and filling the private prisons industry, but to also get more money by arresting so many people on child porn charges that it makes the war look like a success, while pedophiles continue molesting children every day and never get caught. What a wonderful system the FBI and the government has created!!

I think all kids need to have their cell phones looked through by school resource officers then find any evidence of self taken naked photos then they all need to be convicted, have their lives ruined, and become sex offenders because it is all to protect the children, hahaha. The police could just ask for a law to be passed mandating that kids delete any sexual or naked photos they take on their own cell phones instead of charging them with felonies, make the teens delete the photos and that will be the punishment without even making this a public court issue. There are better ways we can protect children instead of making them all criminals. Youth will bring curiosity, and curiosity will bring legal problems, but however we must find a better way to deal with teenage curiosity and stupid mistakes then making them all criminals for life. The police have lost their honor and lost their dignity as now they are nothing but imprisoning robots looking to put most Americans into prison by any means necessary. Children make mistakes, let the parents scold and punish them but I guess that ain’t happening anymore as the state hates the parent and wants the government to be your mommy and daddy.

Feds: The government is your friend kiddies, we agents plant child porn, we solicit child porn under Operation Flicker to all ages to protect you from yourselves…err I mean pedophiles. We care about all of you and wish to take care of you instead of your biological parents as they are nothing but nobodies. Let the state be your mother, let the state be your god, let the state contradict itself under the guise to fight organized crime. The state is your friend and make sure to report any suspicious activities from your parents to the state. If your parents talk against the government they must be criminals or perverts and must be reported to CPS. Remember we are your friends…

Just like how federal agents or police must kill baby deers just because somebody rescued it.

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