Government Buying Out All The 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo & Is Telling Ammo Dealers To Stop Selling To Their Vendors & Civilians

(BIN)   I have been calling allot of ammo distributors and ALL of them are telling me that our government is all the 5.56-.223 cal military surplus ammo. And their also telling the ammo distributors stop selling the ammo to civilians and their vendors because the government is buying it all up from everyone they can. I have also spoken with theses ammo dealers and they told me that the 5.56 and .223 ammo is going way up in price.

For instance…I paid $149.00 for federal surplus 440 rounds of steal core and now at the gun show today it was selling for $440.00 for 420 rounds. I have checked and ALLOT of places online are out of the Military surplus ammo by federal. M193 and M855 SS109 ammo. I did find one place still carrying both these ammo’s and good prices still, but their the only place I could find. If interested let me know and Ill forward the info.

I was also told by the same ammo dealers that the government is going to buy all the 9mm and .45 ammo up, so hurry and buy while you can at the lower prices while still available. Guess if they won’t take our guns because they figure that there are some many out there, they will just buy all most popular military calibers. Can’t shoot a gun with no ammo…stock up now while you still can.

They also said the government will continue to purchase all the ammo through the presidential election and they will continue to until the president tells them to stop. And if obama gets reelected instead of rejected, you know he wont stop the purchasing of all the ammo mentioned above.

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  • I’d really like to know where the Congress and senate are on this…

  • Where are the reps? Haha, nowhere because they no longer have a function! All but ceremony now, the UN is obamas daddy.

  • Blaming Sam for doing what you yourself are doing – buying ammunition. This does not seem quite fair…

  • buying up our ammo with our tax money so we cant defend ourselves, he aint my fucking uncle

  • Strange, I just checked all the suppliers I deal with and they have plenty of .556 ammo. This is a repeat of the Obama is going to ban gun c rap of the 2008 election.

  • 5.56 and .223 ARE THE SAME ROUNDS. When I read something that displays such blatant mistakes, I ask how accurate is the REST of the article? Are you an operative trying to spread rumors and aggravate people?

  • Hell no, 5.56 and .223 are NOT the same rounds! Some guns may be able to chamber both, may withstand firing either, but the military rounds are not exactly the same, and often loaded to much more powerful ratings.

  • Abolish the UN! It has done nothing for America, and it doesn’t deserve any credibility, money, or weapons from us!

  • Makes one wonder WTF. My suppliers have a glut of both .223 Rem & 5.56mm NATO of all bullet weights/styles. Yes, price is increasing due to the dollar being hensh*t, but the supply is there. Now AR15/M16 parts are another matter. Seems to be a collusion with some major parts suppliers to limit base spare inventories in order to drive prices up to meet demands. My customers are on 3-4 month waiting lists for barrels & other inexpensive quality parts. I have also been dealing with ammo component suppliers that have been selling tremendous quantities of components to small time commercial "re-manufacturing" companies. This puts a even heavier demand on component manufactures who were normally selling to retailers. Add the demand of the Obama War Machine & the Homeland Security Brown Shirt gunning up, you’ll see pricing & demand increase to the point where prices will be out of reach of the normal individual shooter. Just remember, one well placed shot is better than a whole mag of "spray & pray".

  • I’ve done some checking with actual manufacturers. They concur with the devaluation of the dollar as the price increase, but they’re running their manufacturing lines at full capacity. They have noted a increase in demand from foreign countries that meet the State Department’s export policies. Going to the source of this article, I conclude there is a seed planted that would result in "panic buys", thus driving the market pricing & supply.
    I recently went to my local "Wally World". They had the Federal Penetrator Ammo 420 rds cans for a flat $150. 15 cans were on the shelf. Not a bad buy at the time. I didn’t have the cash with me, but returned the next day to buy a can of "blasting" ammo. No good. Some fella from California bought all 15 cans. The clerk informed me that this fella was taking it back home and retailing it for $275 a can! The profit he’d make would pay for his trip. So one can see that some of the State & Local laws are driving the pricing & demand, plus the slew of "Patriot for Profit" types that are carpetbagging around. We have these War Profiteer POS around for every conflict, perceived or actual. Their time will come, albeit, belated. Nothing wrong in making profit, but bankrupting a cause or a person is nothing more than Treason or murder. Crimes that should be dealt with harshly, IMO.

  • Not sure why they would stop there if this were true. 7.62 is the most prevelant for the most reliable rifle on the market..AK style weapons. Why take the ammo for the American and NATO made poo and leave us with good ‘ole commie rounds?

  • it’s the standard NATO calibre, it may indicate a big land war soon.
    trust me, it’s not aboutdisarming people – although they will get to that.

    if i was in the u.s. i’d get an AK47 – a real eastern-European one – not a u.s. / isreali copy.

    there is massive amounts of soviet 7.62mm steel-jacket ammo around and it’s dirt cheap.
    and NOTHING in NATO uses it – so if the government goes after it – you’l know why.

  • Stock what you can carry comfortably.

    Hi guys, I get your concern. I really do. Now lets apply it to reality. You stocked up a huge choad load of ammo and are ready for anything! A squad of soldiers or a gang of thieves or rogue cops or ANY group of humanish animals with guns kicks in your door and starts shooting (because their really is no difference in those groups to the individual on the receiving end). Thank God you never used hacks when playing gun games like Call of Duty and trained yourself to actually use angles correctly so you pwn everyone that comes in. Now that you actually survived your first combat in this post apocolyptic hell on earth, there are a bunch of dead guys on your floor with bullets, guns, radios, supplies, drugs/medicines , etc. But get ready cause more are coming and fast if you do not get out of there! They will likely just blow up whatever hole or small castle you are hiding in when they see all the bodies at the door with some grenades or dynomite or whatever. So you can only grab what you can REASONABLY carry to still have body movement for combat on your way. (On your way to??? Did you think any of this out? or you just buying ammo for a last stand wild west blaze of glory sure death?) So you grab whatever guns and ammo you can carry, PLUS supplies you need for barter and personal use. You know… FOOD and WATER. You can eat bullets but trust me they do not taste very good and tend to kill you. So now you are out in the DMZ with what you can carry and all that stockpiled ammo is sitting where you left it for the next guy who lives long enough to find it. He will take what he can carry and leave the rest too. So stock pile a lot because you want a bunch of armed strangers in your area running around with the ammo you left for them right?
    You want to live through the SHTF scenario? Then learn how to disarm groups of men, take their goods, and move along in a well hidden fashion. Because in REALITY, that is all you will be doing. As you search forward for sanctuary and freedom, remember that stuff you used to have in your home country, the one you were born in, before they kicked in your door for eating raw milk, and took your children from you? Condemning them to a life void of the loving guidance of a good parent… Pushing you to the brink… Your mind knowing you need to prepare… must prepare… but how??? in what way? AHHH YES!!! stockpile ammo!! oh wait… maybe think that through a little better, mmmk?

    The best decision in any real combat – STAY ALIVE

    You got other things to worry about besides weapons and ammo, they come with surviving attacks. Or for the more adventurous they also come from properly attacking.

  • somebody better make a better proposal demonstrating care and respect for human life than the A-hole prancing congress has. Believe it or not, most citizens are not bondage freaks or child molesters. I suggest Americans repeat that fact regularly so they do not take over after junking the Constitution.

  • They can take all the current ammo off shelves if they want…it’s far too late to stop people from defending themselves by any means necessary

  • I don’t know where these guys are getting their info but, it’s simply not true. I’ve been in contact with the ATF/DHS, DOD, as well as Lake City Ammo, and none of them knew anything about this issue. And as you can see from (, Ammo to Go has the exact product that is referenced above, in stock, and for only $160.

    Scare tactics/Fear Mongering from is getting a bit old. And believe me, I’m on their side! But false info and the fear mongering has diluted their reliability to nil.

  • I’ve just called around, and NOBODY here in Tampa, or a number of Web suppliers can confirm this.

    Where do these RUMORS come from?

  • now you are going to blame the President for no ammo. Stupid. Blame the govt. or dept. of homeland defense, but do not be ignorant and imply that Obama is secretly forcing his "Homeys" to buy all of our ammo in an attempt to take our guns. In Oregon it has NEVER been easier o get ammo and guns as a direct result of this president’s policies. I can walk in to Wal-Mart or any pawn shop and walk out with any gun I choose with ammo in 20 minutes. The 2nd Amendment has never been safer, stop spreading fear.

  • Nice they can spend all this money we dont have on ammo, to push there agenda, But they cant make more jobs. or lower taxes an make it like the America We all Know and love. Those that rule the gov. dont live like those are here on the streets of america.

  • Here in El Paso, TX, I’ve been looking for Federal M193 for a few weeks now and both Academy stores have been out. I finally asked one of the gun clerks what was going on with the M193. He said they’ve been out for awhile and the distributor keeps saying it’s on the way….but never arrives. Hmmmm…..

  • Not to mention Federal M855. I haven’t seen any of that on the shelves here in about a year. Hence the switch to M193.

  • No ammo anywhere. What do you say now?

  • No offense but the government owns the factory at which said product is made. It is manufactured at the Lake City Armory in independence Missouri It is a GOVERNMENT owned Facility operated under contract by ATK They manufacture all military small arms ammunition there the Government does not need to buy anything they just dont have to release it. I have friends that work there You All are really paranoid and misinformed.They manufacture Federal FederalAE as their civillan product line which the government has no control of only military surplus does the government have control of because it is technicaly their ammo made for them in their facilities by Alliant tech as the contractor who employees and runs the plant. Please do your research before posting hyper paranoid stuff like this

  • hey bob im with you, were in the hell is all the red bloodeed americans?

  • $299.oo for 500 ,223s..Target Master PA & DE state line

  • When SHTF there will be alot of ammo just lying around.
    Also if you dig deep enough locally you will find out where they are storing it.

  • Ok, so the government has enough money to purchase all the ammo up but cant have enough to keep the country afloat. Something is not calculating here. Looks like Obama is getting us from within.

  • OMG, All the ammo being bought up by the government. So, no tours of the peoples house, The White House…Where is the government getting the surplus of cash to do this, with all the cuts. and yes to cut off the people’s right to tour our nations finest house… God Bless America.

  • first, massive purchases by feds did take place. companies with such contracts were advised by feds to lie when necessary when asked about where ammo went. while dollar drop in value did add to rising costs it was simply buyout shortage by feds that contributed to lack of ammo in various places. the problem is most americans remain too fixated on television, computer, and sports to understand what is coming to America. America now has a socialist govt in place. this govt is devoted to bringing in a one world govt. they will accomplish this by devaluing dollar, unlimited illegal immigration, and increased govt co-operation with other world govts and organizations. America is the major catalyst for one world govt and without her it simply can’t happen. fed elites are now planning for a series of actions that will bring on major nuclear war. this will get America under police state control and will insure govt rule in all aspects. the people will be so fearful they will actually call for rescue by the govt. most members of govt and military are loyal americans who have been shielded from knowing the truth. false flag attacks have indeed happened in American history and many who learn the truth are assassinated to keep them quiet. few americans yet realize that all gunpowder comes from china and that the last lead smelter company has been shut down due to epa regs. today people ridicule so called conspiracy theorists as being alarmists. the day after this all falls into place they will be hailed as patriots who tried to warn us beforehand. now the feds are busy buying up Russian made ammos and are starting to stockpile ak47s. most forget that as a member of UN the united states can call on foreign govts in the event of collapse. with our military spread so thin and huge training of foreign troops on American soil it would not take much to see where this could possibly head. my advice is for those who want to see America safe from foreign rule to start forming cells of patriots trained to stand when the time comes. the elites are banking on very little resistance as long as bread and circus programs continue.

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