Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika

(PRISON PLANET)   Former Soviet leader says protest movement highlights need for “global governance”

Former Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev told an audience at Lafayette College on Wednesday night that the United States’ economic problems heralded the need for a new American “perestroika,” defined by a “new world order” and a system of “global governance”.

Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika abramovic2

Speaking to a crowd of 3,600 people during an event that was broadcast live nationwide, Gorbachev made reference to riots and demonstrations that have swept the world over the last two years, including the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States.

“The world needs goals that will bring people together,” he said. “Some people in the United States were pushing the idea of creating a global American empire, and that was a mistake from the start. Other people in America are now giving thought to the future of their country. The big banks, the big corporations, are still paying the same big bonuses to their bosses. Was there ever a crisis for them? . . . I believe America needs its own perestroika.”

How will this American perestroika manifest itself? As a “new world order” characterized by a system of “global governance,” according to Gorbachev.

“Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but we are still facing the problem of building such a world order…problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages…all because we do not have a system of global governance,” he said.

“We cannot leave things as they were before, when we are seeing that these protests are moving to even new countries, that almost all countries are now witnessing such protests, that the people want change,” he said. “As we are addressing these challenges, these problems raised by these protest movements, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order,” added Gorbachev.

Of course, Gorbachev’s call for global financial instability to be used as a pretext for the further centralization of power into a sovereignty-stripping system of global governance will merely concentrate more influence into the hands of a tiny elite.

Gorbachev attempt to invoke the protest movement sweeping the globe and re-label it as a call for global governance is fundamentally disingenuous. A new world order means less democratic representation. Global government is the ultimate expression of autocratic rule, it is inherently undemocratic. Gorbachev’s American perestroika will not equate to more freedom and prosperity, it will result in a lowering of living standards and even less political representation.

The literal translation of “perestroika” means “restructuring,” but Gorbachev’s past comments overwhelmingly illustrate the fact that the former Communist icon is calling for America to experience a Soviet-style collapse before it can be re-absorbed as a vassal state that is subordinate to a UN-run global government.

The former Soviet leader has long been an advocate of transforming the United Nations and its affiliated offshoots into an architecture of global government, eviscerating American sovereignty in the process.

In September 2000, Gorbachev called for the UN to set up Soviet-style “central authority” to control the world’s business and environmental concerns. For decades he has consistently called for a “new world order” to replace existing nation states as the ultimate source of power.

Gorbachev and his fellow globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski are clearly trying to exploit and hijack the collective disenfranchisement being expressed across the world as a tool to accomplish the long-held pursuit of global governance, handing even more power to the insiders who were responsible for the financial collapse in the first place.


4 Responses to Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika

  • And all this BS from the master of the Gulag and the repressive system of people in Russia….

    Anything any Russian leader has to say is 80% lie & 20% BS… This goes for China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq…

    The US needs to get back to basics and dump the liberals, the Fed, then de-regulate us by at least 50%, drill for oil in Alaska, finish the Canadian pipline to Texas (or build new refineries in the mid-west, west coast), and then close the borders….& set up a real Temp. Worker Program…for people to return home when the work was over…(Not for citizenship)

  • Liberty equals freedom, death equals freedom, hence Patrick Henry stated “Give me liberty or give me death.” Not that any of us wish to die before our time, yet death is its own entity and will come to everyone in its own time…therefore none of us should fear death, for death is freedom…TRUE freedom…I will not be enslaved by any “New World Order”…I will die first, willingly, either by my own hand or by another’s…I do not advocate that this concept be adopted by everyone…I do not care if anyone is in agreement or not…this is simply where I stand in this world today and the conditions put forth upon humanity by those who wish to rule all of us collectively…when a person is left with nothing, then there is nothing left to lose, and one must seriously consider the difference between quantity of life and quality of life…an individual choice must be made…if i cannot have quality of life, then quantity of life is irrelevant…the new world order can only enslave those who allow it…i choose to not allow it by any means available to me, including my own demise…i am the ONLY one who determines if i live or die, which gives me strength to fight tyranny and oppression as an individual…keep in mind that one can only ever control themselves, and when one controls themselves no one else can be in control…take back your individual power of control, for that alone is the elite’s greatest and only weapon over any individual…disarm the elite and the new world order will fall to its demise…suggestions?…do not have a bank account anywhere…i haven’t had a bank account in 15 years, i haven’t had a credit card in 20 years…buy a good size RV and live in it, i do, it’s mobile, i am never trapped in any one location…i own it outright, it cannot be taken from me by any person or institution…buy a vehicle with cash…own it outright…these are the ways i have taken control over myself and my life leaving me dependent only upon myself…you only pay taxes once upon purchase of any vehicle, hence no recurring property tax other than license plates which is much cheaper than property tax on any permanent homestead…lot rents in RV parks tend to be very cheap when you own your own RV…and there are long term residencies in RV parks…depending on location, the median lot rent is approximately $500/mo, which most times includes the lot, electricity, water, sewer, and trash…where else is anyone going to live completely for $500/mo? stuff your money into your mattress, hide it in a coffee can…why pay a bank to babysit your money? tell no one you have money, get a big mean dog to guard your house while away…c’mon sheeple…start thinking for yourself…take control of yourselves and your lives so no one else can…accept that you cannot take anything that you own in this life with you when you die, so only have what you need to live…don’t be selfish and pass on your assests of property to your children, leaving them with responsibility they didn’t ask for…if you leave any thing to your children, leave only cash, or that which equals cash such as gold and silver…you cannot depend on someone else to save you…only you can save yourself…when you depend on others to save you, you have given them the control over you that you should have kept. thank you for listening…when we as individuals take control over ourselves, the collective will automatically grow.

  • a failed person part of failed system has the gall to instruct other people how to succeed. newsflash, Gorbachev – you failed utterly. you had your shot. your credibility is destroyed. anything you say will lead people to where you lead others, once – failure. the best thing a smart leader (or people) can do is listen to what you say, and do something – anything – different, because your path will certainly lead to failure. so thankyou for that. “what would the lone ranger do?” “the opposite of Gorbachev”.

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