Glenn Beck sports All Seeing Eye shirt at his ‘Global Movement for Freedom for all Mankind’


(Andrew Steele)   Glenn Beck has performed yet another creepy demonstration of his power to mislead people with meaningless nonsense, much like the one he held a few years ago in front of the the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, in what he’s calling ‘The Beginning of a Global Movement for Freedom for all Mankind’.

From Beck’s own news mouthpiece, The Blaze:

“The American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX, was teeming with small-government, liberty-driven conservatives Thursday evening who gathered to attend FreePAC, an event organized by FreedomWorks and that coincides with Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event. The powerful line-up of speakers included Texas congressional hopeful Ted Cruz, authors Deneen Borelli and Dana Loesch, and concluded with a compelling keynote speech from Beck himself.”

In a nearly thirteen minute ramble that said very little, using a Rudyard Kipling poem as filler, Glenn Beck spoke of a global Tea Party movement (without mentioning how today’s modern Tea Party was started and consisted of Ron Paul and 9/11 Truth supporters until the GOP hijacked it), and bragged about the number of volunteers they had enlisted to perform community service. Perhaps as a preemptive strike against articles like this one that call out Beck and his snake oil sales performance, he claimed that anyone who criticizes him and his movement are enemies of God and freedom.

Not only do Beck’s words channel the rhetoric of the New World Order, but the All Seeing Eye on his chest serves as an advertisement for it.

Despite the fact that Glenn Beck used to attack  Ron Paul supporters, and swiftly derailed the campaign of the small government advocate candidate for Texas governor, Debra Medina, he has enjoyed a largely unchallenged status as an alleged conservative leader since he was put on Fox News to do his nightly program years ago, eventually moving on to launch his own news service.  Like fake cheese in a mousetrap, Beck’s conservative facade has managed to steer an awakening conservative public back towards the black hole that the establishment media and political machines want them lost in.  With Beck giving lip service to the practical economic arguments of Ron Paul to sprinkle over the neocon toxic waste pile he’s selling, potential voices that could be loudly calling for an end to the Fed and a non interventionist foreign policy are now lost in cult like group think, speaking of patriotism in terms of superficial sentimentality and nationalistic, fascist like fervor.

Glenn Beck spent years ridiculing average, hardworking people on his radio program for not knowing meaningless pop culture trivia, fervently advocating in favor of the Iraq War, and using his national platform to inaccurately portray those who question the official story of 9/11 as violent.  He hasn’t changed.  He has simply blended in, seeping into the spirit of certain Americans like a virus that lays dormant before it begins to destroy the body.

His globalist rhetoric and the symbol he wears merely uncloaks him before the eyes of the people he has already blinded.

3 Responses to Glenn Beck sports All Seeing Eye shirt at his ‘Global Movement for Freedom for all Mankind’

  • This guy is either a dirty Q-tip or he is becoming officially adopted as A Wachowski sister.

  • This dick we know as "Glen Beck", has a net worth on the books of $105 million dollars. And for what? Gatekeeping the "right" side of the political matrix?

    Um, Glen…. your NOT in the 99% buddy. SORRY

    Now- Ron Paul. As a former Ron Paul supporter bedazzled by a sterling "voting record", I really wanted to believe. lol

    Following the "I support Romney" scandal, and Bilderberg flip flop…. by blissful trance was fortunately broken.
    I’ll still stand with the Paul’s in somewhat principle, but sadly the facts are:
    Ron Paul has Masonic connections. And endorsed Reagan- MASON. Who was photographed at Bohemian Grove, cabinet FULL of CFR. Vice Prez Satanist "thousand points of light" George Bush Sr.
    Paul also publicly denounced the 911 truth movement. So I think they have earned it, when I say screw Ron, and Rand. LIBERTY FAIL

  • I have watched GB for 3 years now.I also subscribe to GBTV.I Have enjoyed all that I have learned from him. Over the last year I have grown suspicious of him, due to the fact of things he does not talk about or things he doesn`t talk about conclusively .He always takes us to a certain point and then when it really counts, nothing.Diversions his comments turn into- They-Them-Shadow Gov-. He almost never talks about bible prophecy unless the subject can`t avoid it. He Also steers clear of the homosexuality issue. Some of his biggest tactics lately I have noticed. Look at how good we are serving the community. We are winning? WE are about to win? What is he talking about?In his own words there is no right or left any more.Now if Mitt Romney succeeds we are winning.In light of these things one should ask themselves do the words CFR-illuminating mean anything to Glen Beck.CFR means something to Mitt Romney.11 of his council are members. At the very least GB can not be ignorant of these conspiracies. Having a form of godliness, but having none of the powers there of. Never pushing the real issue saving souls through the gift of Jesus. Flirting with unity of religions. Putting Gandhi on the same plane as Jesus. Could it be possible he is a plant, playing for the other team?(dialectic subversion) The answer for me is yes! The moment I saw that shirt under his blazer and over his dress shirt! WOW!The all seeing eye. What are the chances? There is no way he dose not understand the meaning and significance of wearing that shirt on that day! When he speaks at these rallies. Does his convictions ring sincere in light of those speaking around him, or does he appear as one who is ringing his own bell. Objective- Is to keep us the conservatives well informed with things that are valid and legit. Hiding the complete truth, acting as a pressure relief valve, stringing us along making us feel like we are a part of a cause. Keeping us passive and subdued. In our spiritual and patriotic duties. In this case a clever pool of deception in an ounce of truth intoxicating us all. Final days.Pray for wisdom.Pray for strength.Pray for JESUS to come! After writing this, wisdom is giving me the strength to cancel my subscription.robert

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