Geraldo Rivera: I Was “Raped” By The TSA


(INFOWARS)   Fox News host Geraldo Rivera revealed today how he was “manually raped” by a TSA worker while traveling to Afghanistan, explaining how he had been persecuted by the federal agency for falsely appearing on the infamous ‘no fly list’.

Rivera appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss yesterday’s story about an eighteen-month-old child appearing on the TSA’s no fly list. The parents of the toddler said that after they were “humiliated, embarrassed and picked on” by TSA agents at Ft Lauderdale Airport, they were marched off the plane, and ordered to stand in the terminal for half an hour.

However, Rivera devoted most of the segment to his own TSA nightmare story.

“The last time I flew to Afghanistan I got manually raped by a guy who – the scanner wasn’t working,” said Rivera, before adding that his “junk was junked” by a TSA screener.

“This guy, it seemed to me, was getting off on it…And the more and the tighter I got and the angrier I got,” said Rivera. “You know, he just wanted to be a little more intimate.”

Rivera explained how his trouble with the TSA began when he got put on a ‘no fly list’ and was continually subjected to “enhanced interrogation and search” every time he took a flight.

“And I was so frustrated. I called the TSA, and I called and I called. I went on television. I exposed them, I embarrassed them. I said, ‘can’t ya?’ And they just could not remove my name from the computer that had the no-fly list.”

Rivera’s problems with the TSA may actually have stemmed from the fact that he criticized the agency.

As we previously documented, allegations that the TSA has created a watch list of individuals who criticize the agency as a form of collective punishment are cognizant with reports of journalists being unnecessarily harassed. CNN journalist Drew Griffin was put on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization back in 2008.

In November 2010, we reported the story of how radio host Owen JJ Stone was told by a TSA screener that his pat down would include the screener putting his hands down Stone’s pants. The TSA worker directly patted down his testicles, penis and backside while his hand was inside Stone’s pants. Stone was initially embarrassed to reveal the full scope of the groping but related the details of what amounted to nothing less than outright sexual molestation.

Also in November 2010, blogger Erin Chase went public to reveal how she literally had her vagina groped by a TSA screener, who touched both her labia as well as her buttocks and breasts during a pat down.

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo also revealed how a TSA worker touched her vagina during a pat down at Dallas-Fort Worth airport in April 2011 after she refused to go through a body scanner.

Rivera added that he thought “there is a lot of merit in people who say it should be re-privatized,” referring to a recently passed bill that allows airports to evict TSA screeners and replace them with private security.

Senator Rand Paul, who himself had a tense run-in with the loathed federal agency, has also recently launched a campaign to abolish the TSA, backed by a promise to introduce legislation that will “END the TSA and get the government’s hands back to only stealing our wallets instead of groping toddlers and grandmothers.”

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  • Family of 4 held hostage in DFW by TSA for 48 hours
    TSA Timeline for my Family

    On way to Grand Cayman, April 1, 2018
    1. When we checked in at the Chicago O’Hare Airport American Airlines desk for our boarding passes we noted that we had the designation “SSSS” in the lower left and upper right corners of the passes for all 4 of us. I had gotten this before when travelling a few years ago and I informed everyone that we were going to be invasively searched physically and scanned multiple times through the electronic scanners. In order to prepare my children for the unpleasant experience I explained exactly what was going to happen:
    a. We will be required to remove: belts, shoes, stuff from pockets
    b. Have our cell phones possibly disassembled (removed from Otter type boxes)
    c. We will have to walk through the “Walk Through” electronic scanner TWICE
    d. We will have to go into the controversial full body scanner
    e. Have our carry-on bags completely disassembled and exhaustively searched
    f. Explained that they will tell you they are going to pat you down
    2. We then went to the gate to board and TSA was checking all boarding passes against your ID. When we got onto the gangway to board the plane TSA was also there and I was singled out for another “Pat Down”. We all then boarded the plane and departed to DFW.
    3. At DFW, when we were answering our boarding call, TSA members that were there said we had not been security scanned. We informed them that we were intensively scanned in Chicago and had not left the airport secure area (11 hour layover in Dallas from Chicago). TSA said we needed to be rescanned. When they took us to the Checkpoint I asked if this was going to be long because our plane was boarding and they said they were going to scan each one of us “One at a time” instead of together concurrently.
    4. My wife asked TSA personnel why we weren’t told that we needed to be checked again, as we didn’t know. (We were all frazzled as they had been handling and treating us as if we were terrorists). He rudely told her “we don’t have to tell you anything.” There was a delay at the gate and boarding was halted and we had a chance to make the flight. When TSA completed and we were getting dressed, the boarding process re-commenced, while we listened to the final boarding call, we were taking our boarding passes as a TSA agent declared he needed to go through my son’s bag.
    a. He went slowly through each item
    b. He squeezed and fondled each item
    c. He laid each item and pressed his hands against each item
    d. He threw each completed item into a pile
    e. He took a total of 20 minutes
    5. After slowly taking out and unpacking my son’s bag the TSA guy said we could leave. “Don’t you have to put the stuff back in the bag?” my son asked the guy. The guy said “NO”. He didn’t and all of my son’s stuff was spread out in three bins. We had no time to put everything back in the bag. I asked the TSA personnel if we could just take the bins and have the guys at the gate bring them back. They told us no and we were forced to all carry my son’s stuff and our shoes in our arms and run to our plane.
    6. We ran down the gate and were screamed at by a TSA lady with a bomb dog to not run next to the dog (They were standing right in the middle of the walkway). The doors were about to close but we made it just in time and the doors closed behind us. We carried random items of clothes in our arms, embarrassed as people sitting in their seats watch us find our own seats.

    On way home (Grand Cayman airport)
    1. We are checking in at the American Airlines desk to get our boarding passes the agent had difficulty checking us in. We had to wait 45 minutes while airport personnel guy had to call American Airlines to approve our flight.
    2. Our boarding passes were scanned and my daughter and I were pulled out of line (My wife and son had no trouble at first). Cayman Security said to me and my daughter “Were you told about Homeland Securities issue with you guys?” (we were not aware). All four of us were taken out of line to detectors that were not being used. We all received full body pat downs and bag checks. It was a lot faster and smoother than in the U.S. with TSA.
    3. As we were finding a spot to wait in the terminal for our flight, my daughter’s name was called over the PA. They wanted to check our checked bag (the reason they called her was because the bag was in her name). They took me into a room that had two other travelers and Cayman Security with our bag. They made my daughter, wife and son wait outside.
    4. Nothing was wrong and we could wait for our flight to board. Our flight made it to our first connection in DFW.
    In DFW: (Real nightmare begins)
    1. After we landed in DFW the pilot announced that another plane was in our gate so we could not park and get off the plane. We had limited time to get to our connecting flight to Chicago.
    a. As the people on our plane stood up to get their bags, our last name was called over the plane’s PA. They wanted my family to get off the plane first. We were happy because we thought they knew somehow that we needed to make our flight and were letting us leave ahead to make it on time.
    b. As we were making our way out of the door of the plane, two armed Customs and Immigration personnel were waiting for us. They asked us to follow them.
    i. We were escorted through a maze of corridors, around what seemed the whole airport, taking us to an office they said to check our passports.
    ii. The armed guards took us through to a person to check our boarding pass.
    iii. The armed guards took us to customs office and made us wait.
    c. I was called into a private room and was courteously asked by the official: “why he had to get me?” I told him I didn’t know.
    d. We chatted for about 20 minutes and he let us go.
    e. We missed our connecting flight to Chicago. (First missed flight)
    2. One armed guard escorted us to baggage claim and put our luggage into a scanner. He asked us if there were pots and pans in it. There were not.
    3. We got our bag and were allowed to go to American Airlines help desk (without armed guard) to get a new flight.
    a. Lady said she was easily able to give my wife and kids a flight but my passport was giving her trouble.
    b. Eventually, all four of us had a flight from Dallas to Chicago.
    c. We went to wait for our flight at our gate.
    d. We handed our boarding passes to airline personnel and we were flagged and TSA came and pulled all of us out of line. We were escorted to the TSA checkpoint.
    e. We were scanned and “patted” down again. Our bags were checked again.
    f. We missed our flight because of TSA8. (Missed flight #2)
    4. I booked another flight and ran ahead to catch a standby flight while the rest of my family were still getting checked by TSA.
    a. We were going to miss this flight too if TSA didn’t hurry up.
    b. My family was cleared and my wife and kids ran to go to terminal A to meet me for the next flight.
    c. We made it before they started boarding. There were at least 4-6 available spots for standby. We were ready to get our spots when airline flight attendants and pilots went to the desk and took all available spots.(Third missed flight)
    5. We went to the help desk for a new flight. They gave us tickets for a straight through flight from Dallas to Chicago but we had to quickly run to make it.
    a. We get in line and they scan our boarding passes. TSA pulls us out of line and takes us back to get scanned and patted down AGAIN at the checkpoint. (Fourth missed flight)
    6. We go back after getting checked for another flight and get a flight from Dallas to Chicago.
    a. We go to board the plane and we were flagged again. We were sent back to TSA to be scanned again.
    b. After the whole process of getting patted down, we miss our flight. (Fifth missed flight)
    7. We head to help desk for a new flight. My family tells me that they believe we are being followed by a TSA guy. There is definitely a TSA guy behind us. We observe him watching us watch him and he takes a seat.
    a. As I get a new flight, the TSA guy is looking around and then goes to sit next to another TSA guy who was sitting in the terminal across from the help desk we are at.
    b. The next flight is not until 7 in the morning and the AA guy says he cannot give us a voucher for a hotel. It was now between 10:30 – 11:00 PM. We decide we will sleep in the airport like we had on our way down in Dallas on the way to Grand Cayman.
    c. American Airline personnel that gave us our tickets was handing us blankets and cots for sleeping. The TSA guy that had followed us, walked over with the other TSA guy and asked us what we were doing.
    d. We told them we were going to sleep in the airport until our next flight.
    e. They told us that because of the SSSS on our boarding passes, we were not allowed to sleep in the airport. They told us we needed to leave the airport and go outside. They also told us that even though our tickets did not have the SSSS designation we were going to need to tell TSA in the morning that we are SSSS.
    f. We told them we had nowhere else to go, how could they want us to go outside.
    g. They said they were going to escort us out of the building.
    h. When the American Airline personnel who gave us our tickets heard this, he immediately stopped the TSA agents and told us he would give us a voucher at the Marriott.
    i. TSA escorted us out of the airport and we took a shuttle to the Marriott.
    8. The provided voucher provided us a beautiful room and is still the only pleasant memory during this incident.
    a. Marriott provided us food tickets and we had a wonderful dinner.
    b. We only slept for 3 hours before we had to make our way back to the airport.
    9. When we got to the airport and were standing in line for TSA, we noticed that our boarding passes did not have SSSS on them like all of our previous ones and remembered the TSA guy telling us to inform the guy doing intake that we were SSSS.
    a. We asked the TSA guy checking our boarding passes if it was correct and OK as we were told that if you begin SSSS you must be SSSS to the end and he said there would be no problem later. He said that we were fine. We went through the same process as everyone else.
    b. We waited in the terminal for our flight. The whole time we felt like we were being watched by the dozen TSA personnel that were waiting in the terminal.
    c. Our flight begins to board and we take our seats on the plane. Before the doors are closed we are paged on the plane and ordered to get off. TSA meets us on the gangway and criticizes us for not going through the checkpoint as SSSS. I told them that I told the TSA agent this and he told us it was not a problem. They asked us who he was and I showed his initials on the boarding pass and they asked me to describe him. I told them I did not remember him enough. We were taken back to the checkpoint for another screening but the SSSS style one this time. (Sixth missed flight)
    10. We go to help desk for a new ticket and head to terminal for flight.
    a. Our new boarding passes are flagged again and we are sent back to TSA to be checked again. We have been checked again and again by the same TSA personnel and they are beginning to notice and chat with us. I asked why another search and they say because of a time difference between scans.
    b. We go through the pat down procedures again and this time my daughter’s hands are flagged for bomb residue.
    c. My daughter and wife are taken to a private screening room by two female TSA personnel.
    d. My wife asks why the private screening and the TSA lady giving Hannah pat down tells them “The reason we took you to a private room was so that other people will not see and video what we are doing to you”. (Lots of internet buzz on this)
    e. After being told the pre-search warning, my daughter is then given the pat down with front of hands instead of back of hands. (Seventh flight missed)
    11. We go to get another ticket and are accompanied by TSA personnel, to assure we get on our next flight without trouble, we head to help desk again for new tickets.
    a. We get our new tickets and go to board plane. We are flagged again. TSA personnel that came to help us told the other TSA guy that we were just checked and were cleared to get on the plane. The TSA guy that flagged us said that because we got a new boarding pass we need to get checked again. So we were sent back to TSA checkpoint to scanned again by the same people who scanned us before. (Missed flight #8)
    b. There were no direct flights from Dallas to Chicago so we got tickets for flights from Dallas to Raleigh NC to Chicago. There was difficulty getting my ticket so I had to purchase another ticket, almost $1,000, because we just wanted to get home and it was late Monday afternoon and we were fast approaching a third day in the airport.
    12. I received call from American Airlines security regarding excessive activity and questioning why I bought a ticket for almost a thousand dollars when I already had one. I explained that TSA was aggressively causing us to miss flights and we just wanted to go home. The agent said that she had already booked us all on the only direct flight to Chicago and to get to the gate. At the gate it appeared that we did not have the direct flight to Chicago, but the Raleigh to Chicago and we decided to just go.
    13. When we were in the terminal to go to Raleigh, we were flagged again but an American Airline lady stopped us and had us come to her desk. She called her boss and told them what was going on. AA security (separate from TSA) and AA customer service came. We were given a direct flight from Dallas to Chicago.
    a. Since we were just scanned and checked, AA security took us to TSA Checkpoint and met with a TSA manager in a suit and the AA executive asked him to fix the new boarding pass and he agreed that it seemed reasonable, but had to call his boss, some woman upstairs, that stated that if there is a new boarding pass there must be a new scan. Everyone just stood there with shocked looks on their faces.
    b. I was ready to rent a car and drive to Chicago by this time.
    c. TSA and AA executive went ahead with our passports to the next terminal to get us checked it at the next TSA checkpoint way across the airport where our next flight was.
    d. AA customer service lady ran with us to the skyline and TSA checkpoint.
    e. We talked with AA customer service lady on the skyline and she had never seen or heard of boarding passes having SSSS on them. She took a picture of it to find out later what it was.
    f. At TSA checkpoint, we went ahead of the line to go through the screening process.
    g. We were cleared and some TSA personnel and AA customer service lady came with us to terminal.
    h. We had some time before our flight so we went to the bathroom (we were afraid to go though because we felt that if we did we would have to be screened again). AA customer service lady also gave us brochures for free food.
    i. When we were boarding our flight and our boarding passes were scanned, we started to have some trouble again. It took two TSA personnel, one TSA bomb guy, and AA security personnel to get us on the plane without getting sent back to TSA checkpoint.
    14. We were able to get on our plane after that and had no trouble when we left the eyesight of the people that had helped us.

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