G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism

G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism – PT 1 of 4


G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism – PT 2 of 4


G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism – PT 3 of 4


G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism – PT 4 of 4


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  • 10/11/11
    Please forward to Mr Griffin..thanks..ks


    Wisdom…that which is gained through experience.

    Its nice to hear your contemplations.
    You have gained much.

    If I may…let me add to your concept.
    Presupposit…there is only one Earth that I know of….
    obviously it was designed by a Great Architect.

    From the results of history…I have become aware of

    “There Are Two Peaks(mtn) of Power” and they are

    1. Control….as in dominate and control…DC..personality driven.
    2. Gain…as in accumulation of whatever…again personality driven.

    People are concepted with a unique personality(1-4 or 5) which is
    the engine of their activities for life.
    Note: Both plant and animal worlds seem to follow the same.

    The biocomputer called “man” has the inherent abilities to survive.
    Including creativity, recall, deduction, physical and mental strength etc.

    Ok…Given that man learns to communicate…in whatever structure..eg language.
    Symbols, words, concepts….its a matter of communication.
    The form of an idea…is often co-opted and redirected as a
    dominate and controller manipulates.

    Oh…yes I forgot…it would seem “the most important symbol” that
    I can convey is the “distribution curve”…because if you realise
    there really isnt any absolute per se….then the distribution
    of reality must be layed out on a curve.

    eg. the extremes, and the typical…become very very useful in
    communicating an idea or concept.

    Whats the point….well its that all people can be placed
    somewhere on the so called distribution curve and as such
    you get a perfect picture of proclivities and driving forces
    behind the rise and fall of cultures…which by the way is
    probably intended by our creator. As seen everywhere.

    Our founding fathers being of great wisdom and mind…
    understood the necessity of creating checks and balances
    against these proclitities to allow for wise forward progress…eg. survival.
    A very beautiful document(Constitution)…which by the way had
    the prior help from W.Penn(quaker mentality)and doctrines of rights
    and priviledges already established.

    The Constitution an idea whos time had come.

    But now the Constitution is problematic for the
    DOMINATE AND CONTROL personality…and what you
    see now playing out is the attempt to squish it
    for self serving interests….which by design will
    be cause for self destruction…oddly enough.

    This is what needs to be stopped NOW and dead in
    its tracks..before its too late…maybe is.

    We are going through a period of “Great Manipulation”
    and is not survivable….

    “Institutions”…protect, preserve, promote..”themselves”
    at any cost…NOW THATS THE PROBLEM.

    Take for instance your discussion on Democracy.
    The best description I have heard so far is…

    Democracy..two wolves and a sheep deciding on
    whats for diner.

    Republic..protects thoes who can not for themselves.
    This is the key to overall SURVIVAL.

    Now can we cause the demise of the DC before they..
    the globalists cause complete destruction…
    I hope so….

    Power Corrupts…Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely…
    but…KNOWLEDGE corrupts absolute power…

    TRUTH is the word of the creator and is an ever winding path to be discovered.
    That which is not truth is destined to die like a weed without water.

    Let these truths be self evident….this is the struggle…yes?

    Your information is of the highest caliber.

    Thank you so much for your efforts.

    Our job then is to break the “deviant” social engineering that is
    taking place now….and re-establish the path of survivalility.

    Understanding the manipulation…like you said…is key to
    re-directing the future.

    Many thanks to Ron Paul especially….btw a Pensylvanian.
    Many thanks to 99%ers…born of wise men.

    Your Friend

    Introduction of a “new word” for you.
    Zionazista…an ancient sandbox drivitive, extremist, perpetual war-ing,
    selfserving(to their complete distruction)
    lacking in morality of mind, body, soul.
    Skilled in DOMINATE and CONTROL activism. Period. ks
    Very clever in the art of deception.

    This group of people have NO-concept of the principles being put
    forward by the Constitution, etc. Its beyond their comprehension.
    The Nazi were evidence of these manipulators.

    “Live and Die the way you want…but along the way…do no harm.”ks

  • I’m surely going to watch the vids later.

    In the meantime, I’ll say that G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” is a masterpiece!

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