Fukushima May Yet Wipe Out Life on Earth: An Interview with Prof. Tony Hall

(THE TRUTHER GIRLS)   The Truther Professor returns to discuss Fukushima: how and why this plant was set up the way it was, why it was a disaster waiting to happen from the beginning, why it hasn’t been fixed, and why it poses a catastrophic threat to humanity and all life on earth. Anthony Hall is a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

To read his article on Fukushima, which was published last year only weeks after the Fukushima disaster began, go here:


5 Responses to Fukushima May Yet Wipe Out Life on Earth: An Interview with Prof. Tony Hall

  • I have a question. If the problem had not happened, which organisation would have been

    responsible for decommissioning Fukushima?

    Also, There have been rumours that there was a problem with reactor 4 before the

    earthquake and tsunami. Has there been any firm data on this aspect?

  • Hi Popeye. I am pleased to see the truth coming out finally, Over a year ago I was explaining to the public the consequences of this disaster on Bob Tuskin’s radio show! There is still misconceptions surrounding the event, cesium and Iodine radio isotopes are the least of our troubles.No 4 reactor although discharged of it’s core, the rods are of the mixed oxide pellets type Plutonium being around 6 or 8 percent of the material in the rods. It is this material that gives maximum cause for concern, these rods in no.4 cooling pool are in a terrible condition many are broken and are lying on the bottom of the pool a goodly number are no longer suspended in the pool for efficient cooling rather are grouped together lowering the efficiency of the cooling water as they are close together, should a critical mass be reached then fission will result, rapidly raising the temperature and no amount of cooling water will stop the process. Basically the pool will boil and eventually melt down once that happens then the rods will burn and release nano particles of the most toxic nature into the atmosphere as the toxic cloud spreads there will be increasing breakdowns in society as billions become sick, once the event starts there will be no skilled labor to counter the consequences.

  • We need a global movement to take control of Fukushima away from the world’s most dangerous crime cabal.

  • http://www.nuclearreader.info is a must read website, well-researched and concise information on nuclear power. Also, a new book just released — Radiation Protective Foods by Sara Shannon is an excellent resource and so important in the wake of Fukushima. I purchased mine at Amazon.

  • Important for all in the wake of Fukushima — newly released — Radiation Protective Foods by Sara Shannon (available at amazon). Also http://www.nuclearreader.info for concise well-researched info on all aspects of nuclear power.

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