Foxnews Replaces & Removes Two (2) Polls Showing Ron Paul As The Winner of Iowa Debate

7 Responses to Foxnews Replaces & Removes Two (2) Polls Showing Ron Paul As The Winner of Iowa Debate

  • I just pray they dont “Kennedy” Ron Paul.. and we all know who did that!!

  • ron paul almost made me cry. he is so right on with going after the fed. the fed and the CFR are terrible for the middle class and all others,, they must be stopped. ron paul is so awesome. a man of character,,, finally. all others are off track on their plans. only ron paul has the right way to go about the monumental task of tearing the government back down to size and stop the bankers from doing what our forefathers plainly told us would happen if we ever allowed a central bank in this country. we must tell everyone about ron paul if we are to have a chance to take our country back. remember folks: we are all brethren, let’s act like it. love your neighbor.

  • William is absolutely correct. Ron Paul is the man with the truth and the light for Americans to see the road ahead clearly. Fox is owned by Murdock who does not want anyone in the WH that wants the Fed gone. Yes – Ron Paul will be dealt with the same way Kennedy was dealt with when Kennedy signed to have the Fed examined in June of 63. Five months later… bye bye Kennedy. Look it up yourself on the internet. Right after Johnson was swore in on Air Force One, Johnson sat immediately down and signed ‘off’ on any examination of the Fed. Hmmmm… Now they just happened to have the veto to the examination of the Fed on Air Force One? Oh, please. Our own government killed Kennedy. We will get rid of Ron Paul too if Americans don’t watch out for Paul now. You can fool some of the people … etc., etc. Wise up America.

  • America where are you now?
    Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
    Don’t you know we need you now
    We can’t fight alone against the monster
    Monster Suicide America

  • I know Ron Paul is the only person that will move this country in the correct direction,
    but I feel that if he wins the primary they will fix the general election,or kill him.

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