Foreign Troop Action in Eureka, Montana Area

(Q-FILES)   On July 29, 2009 the Q-Files was informed by a local source that a group of 40 South American Military troops ordered at rifle point, landowners near Eureka, Montana off their own land. The South American troops then hung dummies from trees on part of the property and did bayonet drills on the dummies for over an hour. They apparently left some of the dummies hanging as a calling card reminder. The landowners were said to be extremely fearful for their lives .

We have not received as yet a secondary confirmation for these events , however I felt it very important that an alert go out to all Americans that it appears that FOREIGN TROOPS FULLY ARMED HAVE ORDERED AMERICAN LAND OWNERS OFF THEIR OWN LAND. WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE TO DO THIS ? ARE THEY GREENLIGHTED FOR THIS OUTRAGE BY FEMA AS PART OF NLE 2009 OR BY NORTHCOM AS PART OF SOME MARTIAL LAW TRAINING FOR THE FLU PANDEMIC?

Eureka , Montana is in Lincoln County and is approximately 5 minutes from the Canadian border of the Province of British Columbia and also very near the smoke stack section of Idaho. This area north of Kalispell is honeycombed with DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES which according to sources of Steve Quayle, contain some of the most highly secret Ultra Black Technology of the U.S. military and that these bases are, via underground roads and high speed mag-lev trains , connected to many other of the regional bases and hence the national D.U.M.B. network of the U.S. military.

Instead of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano giving a speech about the need to set up a Marcus Wolf (Former Director of East German Stasi) “tattle tale” network among the population of the U.S. to an audience of the Illuminati controlled Council On Foreign Relations she should be seeking assistance from the U.S. military …….some units other than NORTHCOM…….to round up all Foreign troops inside the U.S. and send them back their home countries. She should be ordering the arrest of these South American Troops who committed these alleged acts against landowners immediately . If she can’t handle it , then the Lincoln County Sherriff should deputize a posse of righteous, true, and stalwart Montana men armed to the teeth and hunt these Foreign troops down and capture them for immediate prosecution. Then if it is found that the Federal Govt. or NORTHCOM under General Renuart have billeted these troops in Montana and have them training under Martial Law or UN WHO Level 6 Pandemic auspices or gave them any orders or direction to conduct training on private property or to begin to harass American landowners …..well then the Sherriff of Lincoln County should under his Constitutional Oath order them to cease and desist these operations in his county. U.S. Military troops in that area are there allegedly to defend the united States from any cross border threat and not to be training or quartering foreign troops and mercenaries on our sovereign soil for the purpose of suppressing the God given rights of Americans under some Martial Law scheme or planned forced vaccination protocol.


Tied directly to the area of northern Montana discussed above and to adjacent border areas of Idaho , and North Dakota there exists a vulnerability to attack against some of the most strategic sites and Ultra Black technology sites from across the Canadian border by Russian and Red Chinese commandos who operate there under reputed clandestine Treaties and Agreements with the Canadian Government.

According to several additional Deep Background sources to the Q-Files , the Canadian Government has allegedly cut some very secret deals with the Red Chinese and Russian governments to protect Canada from nuclear attack by these Nations if they attack the U.S. in some near future response to an Israeli and/or Israeli/U.S. combined attack upon Iran or to some near future WW III or Gog Magog Conflict.

One source has even gone into more detail and given much credence to the high probability that a certain King Tut of the World may have been handpicked in his youth by the KGB and groomed for decades to take on his mantle of Totalitarian Change Agent In Chief. The recent pose of this man along with Russian President Mevedev under the “all seeing eye of the Illuminati” inside the “golden capstone” within the “golden sunburst of lucifer” in the Russian Capital of Moscow seemed to give all the symbolic confirmation needed that some deal was done to further the New World Order. One which would destroy the sovereignty of the united States.

According to a U.S. military source, much of the conventional military capability in the northern Montana area which would normally be used in protecting these vitally strategic Deep Underground Military Bases and missile sites has been pulled from the region. Meanwhile, Above Top Secret high technology XRAY or experimental space craft , Ultra Black Scientific research facilities , and Ultra Black weapons systems are laying there for the taking if highly motivated and highly armed rapid deployment commandos such the Russian Spetsnaz or the crack Red Chinese troops/ Alberta oil field workers suddenly blitzkrieg across the border and drive for them on their way to Kalispell, Helena, Laurel, and Billings. This source says “our units here don’t amount to much as it would pertain to a widespread blocking action” and also “if my intel does come to pass; not having far more than we have now pre-planned and on call will be the end of us” .

Intel sources have indicated that it is highly likely that the Russians have also made agreements to perhaps handle some of the “RED LIST” assassinations for the Luciferian Faction of the U.S. Govt./Military in Montana and some other States. Further confirmation of this type of information is nearly impossible, yet from the fruit of their actions the American people are seeing a whole different view of the some factions who are under Illuminati luciferian control. Those who are practicing to wage war against Americans ….who lust for Dictatorial control and Blood Sacrifice .

Additional information about certain Drills planned for August in Montana involving blocking of 2 lane roads and logging trails out of cities and towns which would give access to the Canadian border has been heard .

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