Florida police dress in giant bunny costumes to catch people driving without a seatbelt

(MSN)   West Palm Beach, Florida, police are going undercover as giant Easter bunnies. As morning commuter traffic slowed to a crawl earlier this week, motorists saw a bunny with a sign reading “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle up!” And through the large, netted eyes of the bunny costume’s large head, the cop was watching them right back, making note of who had a seatbelt on and who didn’t, so nearby officers could ticket them as part of the state’s “Click it or ticket!” campaign. A similar program in Glendale, Calif. was shut down in 2010 for being “breathtakingly dangerous,” but in Florida, it has been pretty successful so far: In just two hours, 50 motorists were cited.


3 Responses to Florida police dress in giant bunny costumes to catch people driving without a seatbelt

  • While wearing seatbelts is important, solving REAL crime and nailing Drug pushers is, I feel, just a tad more important…

    This is what happens when liberal assholes get involved with law enforcement…

    And, just as important, this is bad for the bakery business…bc Bunnies don’t eat dounuts

  • Did they look like the "Bunny" in Donnie Darko? (I’ll bet that they did).

  • Did they act like "bunnies", too, and rape a lot of defenseless female motorists, on the hood of their vehicles, or, just shoot them through the driver’s window?

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