Florida cops taser man three times after stopping him for jaywalking

(RAW STORY)   Police in Casselberry, Florida tasered and handcuffed a man after he refused to produce identification when they stopped him for jaywalking, according to the Daily Mail. Officers tasered Zikomo Peurifoy three ties before cuffing him and taking him into custody, but rather than apologize for using violence against a non-violent suspect, police have said they are considering using the video for training purposes.


5 Responses to Florida cops taser man three times after stopping him for jaywalking

  • Failure to follow a lawful command & resisting arrest. Police have the power to require ID any time an unlawful act is committed or suspicion of a lawful act exists. As is typical ignorant people think they know the law and their ignorance gets them into trouble.

  • HEY GRANDMASTERSHECK,screw you, my dad didn’t die in a war so you and you NAZI friends could TAZER anyone you wanted,as a matter of fact,you and all your NAZI friends in casselberry,florida can go straight to hell where you came from you f’k nazi bastard, you and all your NAZI friends can EAT SHIT AND DIE…………………..the day will come when all your friends will be on trial,after the short trial……….

  • I’ve lived in florida and never met a cop that I would have spit on if he was in the ditch dieing of thrist,YOU see in florida they only hire complete morons(the mayor of daytona beach) told me this after I asked him right to his face,he said how do you think we get them(the DBPD)to do anything we want,SO now if you are still wondering why cops seem like there total morons,WELL NOW YOU KNOW………….JUST a bunch of BRAINDEAD morons following orders to rape and pillage the citians of every town in america,now you know the kind of low life scumm your dealing with,WHO WOULD HAVE EVER GUESSED???????????

  • OH,and grandmastershek,you can take your lawful orders and resisting arrest and stick them and all your friends up your ass punk ass fagot……………

  • YOU know POPEYE,sometimes I lose my IRISH temper,BUT no one and I mean NO one will ever be allowed to shit on the death of my dad who believed in america and the right of his kids to grow up free from the kind of terror the POLICE all seem to think the people of america should be subjected to when ever they feel like it………..

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